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Tools for Schools: Parks Primary

Posted at 8:14 AM, Feb 27, 2020

Tools for Schools is on the road again, with Abby Breidenbach & Anna Olivier at Parks Primary.

There’s always a demand for more technology in the classroom. Abby and Anna were at Parks to deliver three Chromebooks to Jennifer Blanchard’s second grade class on behalf of KATC and the Jim Olivier Family of Companies.

"When I found out that we were going to get these Chromebooks I felt really happy and excited because we never had Chromebooks in our classroom," said student Luna Dore.

"I think like I can get smarter by using the computer because we can research things on the computer," said student Rivers Martin.

Blanchard said the Chromebooks are coming at the right time.

"This timing was very helpful because a lot of our computers are outdated so we’ve had to get rid of some," Blanchard said. "So we’re in a bit of a transitional period right now where some teachers are losing and it’s not being replaced fast enough. Tools for Schools is helping us out right now to fill those gaps."

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