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Tools for Schools: Meaux Elementary

Posted at 4:51 PM, Nov 11, 2019

KATC is back this week with another Tools for Schools drop off. Today, we are headed to Meaux Elementary to give some Chromebooks to some very excited Kindergartners.

Thanks to Jim Olivier Family of Companies we're headed to Meaux Elementary where students will get a technical boost in areas like math and reading

"We opened them, we opened the gift, a Chromebook. It helps us get onto everything," Kindergartner Owen Stephens said.

The students are excited to play games on their new Chromebooks that will help them excel in certain areas of study but also have fun while learning

"We can play smarty ants and Math Seeds and do whatever game we can do on it. Or if you play games and you win you can get trophies," student Ella Pigron said.

Amy Barnett, Kindergarten teacher at Meaux Elementary says that the Chromebooks are a great way to mix technology with teaching her students.

"The Chromebooks we are going to use for Smarty Ants, Math Seeds. Zearn and AR. This year we're integrating technology in both Reading and Math and the Chromebooks will help us accomplish this. This is such a great opportunity and we are so excited to get the Chromebooks," Barnett said.