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A Story of Eternal Love in Abbeville

Posted at 11:57 AM, Jan 27, 2022

What a Spirit of Acadiana. I was invited to an anniversary party: Lauris Broussard and Erline Broussard. 81-years of marriage. And we had the keys to success.

We had a bride…

We had a groom….

We had a minister…

“In good times and in bad," said the priest, "in sickness and in health. To love her and honor her, all the days of her life.”

We had a wedding, or at least a renewal of vows. 81 –81 years after Larus Broussard and Erline Dyson first said ‘I do’. They did it again.

“Did you ever think you’d be married to a wonderful woman such as Miss Erline?" I asked Mr. Broussard. "No, I couldn’t," he answered.

"And you kind of love this woman? "Yes I do."

"She’s a keeper?" "Yeh, I’m gonna keep her.”

At Eastridge Nursing Home and Rehab Center in Abbeville, attendees included great-great-grandchildren, a great-granddaughter, and granddaughter and the Broussard’s son Wesley. He says, although his mother and father had some rough patches in their marriage…“They were always able to resurrect the original feeling and everything always healed itself you know.”

I went back to Mr. Broussard for more info. "So what does love mean to you Mr. Lauris?"" It means a lot to me," he answered, "In the moment. It means everything to me.”

And then, right after the Broussards kissed, I asked him one more question. “81 more years, Mr. Lauris?""81 more years!” he answered enthusiastically.

“Ladies and gentlemen: I present to you Mr. & Mrs. Lauris Broussard!!”

Cue: The applause!!