The Lagniappe Ladies empower women through dance

New member meeting Oct. 16
Lagniappe Ladies
Posted at 6:34 AM, Oct 16, 2019
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It's become a way for women to come together and forget about their daily lives.

The only requirement, put a smile on your face and just dance.

The Lagniappe Ladies dance troupe says they are hopeful that their quirky costumes, bright hair and fun moves let every woman out there know she's worth it.

"We're getting people to do something outside of their comfort zone," says Communications Coordinator Kelly Strenge. "And do something that they wouldn't normally do."

Straightening that crown instead of pointing out that it's crooked, the Lagniappe Ladies are all about empowering women to be the best they can be.

"People are going through great things in their life. Great tragedies or trials and tribulations of life in general," says Strenge. "We're here to be their friends. It's a non-judgmental group to join."

"It's a fun zone," says President Janie Varisco. "We can leave our problems at the door and we have fun."

Relatively new, these ladies have danced their way into the lives of others. Members say they have already made lasting impressions on the community.

"To see the looks on the faces of everyone in the crowd. The little kids are blowing kisses to us, everybody is happy and smiling when they see us," says Varisco. "We're something different. There is nothing else like this is Lafayette. We are bringing fun and smiles to everybody out there and making their days a little lighter."

Through dance, these women are building lasting relationships while straightening those crowns along the way.

If you want to get your groove on with the Lagniappe Ladies, you can apply for membership at the website.

Find out more about upcoming events on The Lagniappe Ladies Facebook page.

The group will meet Wednesday, October 16 at the Evangeline Shriners Clubhouse on Guilbeau and new members are welcome to attend.

New members must be at least 21 to join.