Suire's: Corner Store turned Kaplan Treasure

Suire's: Corner Store turned Kaplan Treasure
Posted at 8:09 AM, Nov 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-01 11:44:13-04

Kaplan is home to a not so hidden gem that has gained national attention from renowned chefs and publications like the New York Times. It's called Suire's and the owners will tell you, you'll never be the same once you pay Suire's a visit.

From the plate lunches to the pies, Suire's in Kaplan is truly something special.

"God gave it to us I mean what can I say? It was given!" says Joan Suire, who owns the store with her sister Lisa Frederick.

The sisters have been running the popular business side by side since their teens, making 43 years in October. As the duo has grown together, Suire's has also grown -- from a corner grocery to a Cajun culinary destination. Lisa is the master chef behind everything. The famous turtle sauce picante, the pies that sell by the hundreds at Christmas, and the many lunches they serve up daily. Meanwhile Joan is at the counter all day everyday greeting each customer -- most of whom she knows by name.

"Our regulars are like family and we have our out of towners, we have tourists that come in. We enjoy seeing each and every one of them," says Frederick.

The success and joy that Suire's brings the sisters -- they attribute it all to those loyal visitors, Mr. and Mrs. Suire who bought the place long ago, and their strong faith in the man upstairs.

"It's all because of him. he gives her the talent to cook and me the strength to work like i work. this is my moms dream. we are living her dream," says Suire.