Reporter Documents Covid-19 Experience

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Posted at 6:21 AM, Sep 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-16 10:20:44-04

KATC Reporter Abby Breidenbach is back on Good Morning Acadiana after a two week bout with COVID 19.
She shares her story through a video diary filmed throughout her quarantine.

My COVID experience didn't start with any symptoms of my own, but when my roommate woke up with a fever after a few days of grogginess, I thought we should both get tested. That day I found out I was COVID positive with just a stuffy nose.

A couple of days after a positive test, I started to feel a handful of symptoms: chills at night, cough, achey back and brain fog. These symptoms were bad for about a day and a half, but some lingered longer. The back ache and brain fog were the last to go.

Once I was mostly feeling better, I lost my senses of taste and smell. These symptoms lasted about 4 or 5 days. It was not a complete loss, more like a desensitizing.

Overall, my experience was mild, and I was incredibly lucky. The guilt of having seen people without knowing I had symptoms was overwhelming at first. It was a wake up call and a good reminder that even though you are being cautious, only seeing a few people and wearing your mask, you never know where or when you could catch this virus. Everybody is impacted differently, and I'm glad I caught my case early to do what I could to stop the spread.