Pet of the Week: Molly Ringwald

Posted at 5:27 AM, Sep 09, 2020

Hurricane Laura impacted much of South Louisiana.

Animal shelters across the state are having a hard time keeping up with the influx of animals that have come into the shelter.

"All shelters are in financial need right now," Jeanine Foucher, executive director of Acadiana Animal Aid, said. "They're either grappling with devastation to their shelter or taking in more animals."

Foucher said they have taken in numerous animals from other shelters. She said with that increase comes the need to make sure medical needs of these animals are met.

"I know, at Acadiana Animal Aid, let's say we've taken in over 20 cats and the majority have ringworms, that means they have to stay in the shelter longer, that means we need additional staffing,medications, and all of that stuff," Foucher explained. "It has an impact on our operating budget. Financial donations are very much appreciated."

Foucher added that they will continue to make room in their shelter for more animals that make their way in.

She said that they had a transport leave on Friday for Colorado, but added that none of those animals were ones found after Hurricane Laura.

"I wanted to make everybody feel confident that no displaced or lost animals have come to Animal Aid and have been transported out," Foucher said. "Your local shelter will hold onto them for the stray hold period and try and reunite them with their owners."

Foucher said the Pet Pantry in Lafayette is also in need of donations.

She said that the community and people who now find themselves living in this community are in need of the services.

To find out what the pantry needs, click here.

Items Needed:

Monetary Donations

Every week on GMA we will feature a Pet of the Week.
This week is Molly Ringwald.

We are taking it back to the 80s with our adoptable dog Molly Ringwald.
Don't worry, she isn't truly a member of the "Brat Pack".
Molly says "Can't Buy Me Love" but you CAN adopt it.
If you're looking to add spunk and a little excitement to your life, this girl is "For Keeps."

She is so full of spirit and eager to learn new tricks. The "Facts of Life Are" you need her in yours!

While you won't find "Sixteen Candles" on her birthday cake, you can be a part of celebrating her very 1st birthday, as she is only 11 months old!
It's fitting that she looks "Pretty in Pink" but with those big brown eyes, Molly is sure to look pretty in any color.

Molly says "Don't you (Forget about me)!" and suggests you head to the adoption application and scoop her right up: