Parenting: walking through grief together

Healing House
Healing House
Posted at 8:04 AM, Jul 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-20 10:21:10-04

Andree McAnally never thought that when she helped to design the original Healing House that she would utilize their services one day.

"I designed the Hurricane Room," McAnally. "I always knew about Healing House, and it's always had a special place in my heart."

Last year McAnally, her husband, and two daughters got sick with Covid. She and her daughters recovered, but her husband spent two months on a ventilator.

"The morning they called me to come to the hospital I still didn't think he was dying," McAnally said. "When I walked in and saw everyone there all I could think is, what am I going to tell my girls. We have an eight-year-old and ten-year-old, they were seven and ten at the time, How am I going to tell them that they're not going to see their dad again.

Healing House immediately stepped in and walked McAnally through the process.

"I never thought in a million years I would need Healing House after designing that Hurricane Room all of those years ago. Now my kids are part of it."

Both of McAnally's children attend group session frequently. They work through their grief and learn how to cope with the loss of their dad.

"There's so many emotions. How can you be so heartbroken and happy at the same time? How can you move forward and still hold onto the past? To find people here who get that, it's a gift, blessing, and I'm grateful for Healing House."

From helping to design the first Hurricane Room 26 years ago to now being part of The Healing House family....McAnally said, while her journey is just beginning, she is thankful to have support as she and her family move forward.

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