Parenting: Signs that isolation may be getting to your child

Warning signs that isolation may be getting to your child
Posted at 5:25 AM, Sep 08, 2020

Virtual learning is something that is normally chosen by the child and parent.

During a pandemic, in some cases, that choice is made by the school district.

Some children already prone to anxiety or depression, being isolated during the Covid-19 pandemic and that isolation continuing through the school year can be hard to handle.

Getting professional help is an option for parents who think their child may need it.

Health experts said that the first step should be to talk to your child and try and help improve the situation.

"Really talking about it honestly so... helping them understand that there might be another time where we are doing this at home," Clinical Psychologist, Janine Domingues said. "What were your concerns last time what worked well, what didn't, what do you think you are going to be feeling?"

Domingues also offered these warnings signs that isolation may be getting to your child:

- They want to stay in their room more than usual
- They do not want to get out of bed
- They are not engaging in normal activity that they have otherwise taken part in
- They are expressing intense sadness everyday