National Lemonade Day cooling down Acadiana

National Lemonade Day
National Lemonade Day
Posted at 9:35 AM, Jul 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-27 15:01:45-04

On a hot summer day, people may see Lemonade Stands popping up around neighborhoods as kids try and earn a little extra money.

"We're missing the opportunity to teach kids about entrepreneurship, how to own and operate....especially in this area," Natasha Bryan, organizer of National Lemonade Day, said. "We have some many entrepreneurs but what are we doing to teach these kids how to be successful in the future? We're giving them a leg up by introducing them to the chamber of commerce and the community to show them what they're doing."

A few years ago, Bryan and her daughter signed up for National Lemonade Day. They built a stand, wrote out a business plan, and got to work selling lemonade.

All of the money raised went to a nonprofit of their choice.

"It's not just about making money and operating a business, it's about how your business can affect the community around you," Bryan said.

Bryan said she and her daughter learned a lot from the experience and she wanted to share that with others in the community.

At just four, Charlie Romero is following in those same footsteps. Her mom, Megan, helped her get a business plan together and prepare for her first-ever lemonade stand.

"I think it's important skills for kids to learn as well," Megan said. "Life isn't easy and there are a lot of challenges in life, and this is very comparable to starting a business as you go through the trials of life."

Megan said she wants to show Charlie, not only the importance of entrepreneurship, but also giving back to the community.

"That funding isn't always guaranteed, and they need to learn that not all things in life are guaranteed and this helps to aid in that skill."

To participate in National Lemonade Day just head to and sign up.

The event will happen across Acadiana on Saturday, July 30th.