Local stylist gives at home hair tips

Posted at 5:31 AM, Apr 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-15 06:31:55-04

"Some people come every two weeks, some come every four, some come every six just depending on what type of hair they have and what they're wanting to maintain with their look," says Nicole David, who owns Mon Reve Salon in Downtown Lafayette. Right now, weeks are turning into months though, and many are becoming anxious about growing out their hair.

She says no matter your hair length, your best bet for a good cut after quarantine, is to let it grow out on its own.

For traditional men's cuts, you can be more careful with styling to keep your look in check.

Lafayette salon gives tips on maintain your quarantine hair (pt 2)

"Use a blow dryer in the morning so its not all over the place, hairspray helps to hold the look. You can also use a wax, a gel a pomade to help push the sides back and keep those a little more under control," says David.

Some guys may still want to grab the kitchen scissors and do an at home cut. She says as a last resort, you can cut your own hair but use the proper equipment.

"Use the clippers. Typically I would start out with a higher guard so you can get a bit more of a practice in there. Go up until you reach your temples, and once you reach that, I would stop. You can probably do the sides yourself but I would ask a partner or someone to assist you in doing the back because that's going to be the part you can't see yourself," says David, adding that men should not touch the top of their hair. Just use styling products and techniques to keep the top in check.

For women with longer hair, she says a hair mask and conditioning treatments should suffice to keep split ends at bay, and for those who color treat their hair, do not grab the box dye. A touch up spray is the better option.

"It's a spray that you spray in your new growth area and it conceals your grays. They have an array of sprays that will match different hair colors," says David.

Mon Reve is continuing to sell products on Mondays and Fridays while services are suspended.