LEF Finalist Spotlight: Karla Landry

Posted at 6:43 AM, Jan 22, 2020

Karla Landry comes from a long line of educators.

"My mother was in education, my grandmother was in education, and I always thought that I wanted to be a teacher," Landry said. "When I first went to USL, I was in elementary education and graduated. I never thought I would teach at a high school, but here I am and I love it very much."

Landry started her career in Lafayette Parish. She spent time at two other schools before landing at Comeaux High School, her alma mater.

"I never thought I'd return to Comeaux High School," Landry said. "When I did, I realized that I was home."

Landry teaches special education classes and said that her goal is to make sure her students have the life skills they need once they leave the comforts of high school.

"Our students go out into the community and work at different businesses," Landry said. "We go out into the community, work at different businesses, and shop. We also have a cooking class that has our special education population with some other peers. They come in and learn how to cook and learn functional skills when they're on their own."

Landry said that she does not have to take home the top prize. She will be happy either way. Landry said just being nominated is all the recognition she needs.

"I work hard everyday," Landry said. "I love all of my kids. In special education you have some kids for six years, and some I've had for eight years. Some of them I've had since they were three and they're 20 now. I've had them for most of my teaching career. It'll probably make me cry no matter what they have to say."