Habitat for Humanity helping to build new lives

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Posted at 6:07 AM, Sep 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-03 07:07:41-04

For some people, home ownership seems out of reach. But for many here in Acadiana, it's just an application away.

Starting Tuesday, September 3, Habitat for Humanity is opening up its application process. For one Acadiana woman, it was a process that changed her life.

Suzi Henry has spent her entire life on the move.

She works hard to provide for her family.

Despite that, the last thing she thought she would ever be was a homeowner.

"I've been planning, preparing and praying for so long," says Henry. "Always putting the effort and stepping up and one thing or another happening."

Now, she's finally cooking on her own stove, in her own kitchen, inside her brand new home.

A home that she owns.

"It has been a stress reliever," she says.

But she didn't tackle the process of home ownership alone. Henry says that, through the help of Habitat for Humanity, she had someone by her side every step of the way.

"They guide you, they give you classes and help you with financial preparations," she says. "Not just for now, but for the long run. You can take those skills with you and pass them on to your children. They teach you the things you weren't taught or didn't have the opportunity to learn."

Lindy Leblanc, Communication and Community Outreach Director with Habitat for Humanity, says the process is easy. It does take time and the applicant may not be approved the first time around.

Leblanc says that, however, is not a reason to get discouraged.

"We call it a "partnership" because we do it side by side," Leblanc explains. "We want to offer any resources or tools available that make the process of home ownership easier. The homeowner does all of the leg work. We just want to provide a support system and information that they need to achieve this feat of home ownership."

For Henry and her four children, this is a new beginning. One that would not have been possible without the help of others.

For more information on the Habitat for Humanity application process, click here.