GMA Cool Schools: Carencro Catholic School

Teacher Supporting Her Student
Posted at 3:00 AM, May 05, 2021

Today's Cool School is Carencro Catholic.

One of the kindergarteners at Carencro Catholic has vision issues and has worn glasses. But the doctor had decided that one of her eyes needed to be patched. She's only five years old and was concerned that other students wouldn't understand why she need to wear the patch and was worried about being different.

Her teacher, Mrs. Guidry, decided to wear an eye patch with her to give her support. It turns out that Mrs. Guidry also needed to wear patches when she was a kid. So it was her way to make Madi Beth feel comfortable and good about herself.

We've run out of spots for cool schools for the rest of the year, but we still know there are cool schools out there. We hope everyone has a great summer!