Evangeline Parish Schools superintendent talks first day of school

Evangeline Parish School Board approves pay raises
Posted at 2:08 AM, Aug 10, 2021

"We are preparing for our students to be on campus for in person learning every day," says Evangeline Parish Superintendent Darwan Lazard, looking ahead to the 2021-22 school year.

Evangeline Parish students are already familiar with many of the precautions that will be taken as they head back to school in regard to Covid 19.

"There's an executive order that mandates that bus riders would wear a mask so we will be working with students and parents to comply with that executive order," says Lazard. Once they're off the bus, those students older than 5 and all of the staff will continue to wear a mask anywhere on school property.

The mask can be removed for mealtimes, which will take place in individual classrooms this year. "Our child nutrition program personnel will serve breakfast in the classroom and they're going to provide meals to our students for lunch in the classrooms as well," says Lazard.

If Covid numbers go down, all of these policies could change.

"As the virus does different things of course we will be pivoting in conjunction with the guidance we get from the Louisiana Department of Health, the Louisiana Department of Education and of course our local doctors that serve on our medical advisory committee," says Lazard, adding that he knows the students of Evangeline Parish can adapt to anything.