Ease Your Pets into Normalcy after the Pandemic

Posted at 8:02 AM, Jan 06, 2021

As the covid 19 vaccine becomes more accessible, many of us will find ourselves going back to work in person in the office.

That leaves our pets, who have received so much undivided attention, alone at home.

Vikki Bourgeois, Certified Dog Trainer and owner of Sit Happens, says this can stress our animals out. She said there are ways to ease them back into normalcy.

You can practice leaving the house for small spurts of time. She says not to make a scene or say goodbye to the pets, so it starts to seem normal routine when you head out.

She says you can also give your dogs ways to occupy their time, like a frozen Kong with peanut butter or a puzzle toy to make them work for their food.

If the dog starts to over salivate, harm themselves or have uncommon accidents in the house, that is the time to call a dog trainer.