DOTD says help is on the way in St. Martin Parish

Posted at 3:34 AM, Jul 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-14 07:08:06-04

If you get stuck at one particular red light on state Highway 352 the shortest you'll sit there is three minutes, but many say they've waited close to an hour to pass the signal.

"People are frustrated. You can't hardly blame them. A lot of times they're late for work," says Mayor Sherbin Collette of Henderson.

The problem isn't just the stop light. It's the nearly one mile long stretch of road behind it.

This section of Highway 352, which runs between Henderson and Lake Fausse Point, has been down to one lane for almost 5 years.

"It seems like everything else is more important than our one lane levee road, and it is very important," says Katrina Collette, who works at McGee's Louisiana Swamp & Airboat Tours.

She says the light is not just an issue for her, but people who come to her business.

"It's hurting tourism big time. I mean big time," adds Mayor Collette.

The road closed in 2016 after the levee collapsed.

"Since then, with lack of funding and things of that nature, it's been closed until we could get the funding to do the necessary repairs on that road," says Deidra Druillet with DOTD.

The department says the wait won't be much longer. The funds are available and work will begin this year.

"We anticipate the project letting out to construction in November of this year. We're really excited about that, said Druillet. "The repairs are going to involve us extending the slope of that failed levee and also making the repairs to that one lane that was impacted."