Broussard family brings awareness about food allergies

Posted at 6:22 AM, Jul 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-16 13:15:22-04

Melissa Barbier said it was a simple act by her husband that revealed her son's peanut allergy.

"We were shopping and all of a sudden he had hives all over his forehead and stomach," Barbier says. "When we got to the store I picked up his shirt and said, 'look, he has hives everywhere. Did you give him any peanut butter?' He said that he did right before we left and I told him that we needed to get him tested. Sure enough, he was positive."

The discovery of the peanut allergy lead to others. Barbier found out that her son, Cameron, was allergic to tree nuts, eggs, peas, and dogs.

"I didn't realize how life altering this would be" Barbier says. "This is not just a little phase or intolerance and he may have a little cramp, this is life threatening. If he comes into contact with it it could be life-altering."

Barbier says, while this was a lifestyle change for the family, it is also a constant worry when Cameron is out in public.

"He's allergic to the protein in peanuts and tree nuts," Barbier explains. "That protein, if you have peanut butter and you touch a surface, that allergen can be on that surface."

While the family of eight all work together to keep the youngest member safe, Barbier says Cameron needs to learn how to protect himself.

"We're checking the ingredients and we're telling him what's safe and not safe," Barbier says. "As he gets older and has more independence it'll be on his shoulders to know what is safe and not safe."