Beware Of PPE Scams This Holiday Season

12 Scams Of Christmas
Posted at 6:20 AM, Dec 07, 2020

There was a spike in PPE scams during the spring when they were in high demand at the beginning of the pandemic, now the FBI and Better Business Bureau are seeing it again as mask mandates are being implemented around the country.

In our 1st Scam of Christmas, scammers know that PPE is an item you want and need, so they try to trick you into buying from them.

Experts say this is something consumers and businesses should look out for.

If you are looking to buy PPE this holiday season, you should take note of a few things so you don't lose money.

First, buy from sellers you know.

Check for working contact information on the seller's website.

Lastly, research claims of any medical products before buying.