Acadiana Animal Aid asking for fosters during stay-at-home order

Posted at 6:52 AM, Mar 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-23 08:39:08-04

With the stay-at-home order in place, Louisiana residents are having to distance themselves from human contact.

But Acadiana Animal Aid is reaching out to residents hoping that they would consider fostering or adopting an animal to fill that void during this difficult time.

"Being a foster means that you're giving an animal a place to land, hang out, and be in a home," says Animal Aid's Jeanine Foucher.

While not every person is ready to commit to adopting a new pet right away, Foucher says that sometimes all they need is just time to see if the animal is a fit for their family.

And during the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic, Jeanine says the need for fosters is great.

"We provide everything you need, the food and the veterinary care," she says. "Especially during times like these when we're trying to empty out the shelters. Fosters are very important."

Jeanine says that fostering can give a family time to see if the dog or cat is a fit for their home.

"We do need a lot of cat fosters as well. They can hang out with you on your lap and they're super low maintenance."

It also gives the animal a chance be in a different setting, somewhere other than the shelter.

"When someone fosters a dog or cat, it gives them an opportunity to be away from the shelter and decompress and know what it's like to be with a family," says Foucher. "It's very good for them emotionally and I think the trade off goes both ways. Our fosters can tell us more about an animal than we can see here at the shelter. We see them through one specific lens and not that of one from a home."

Jeanine says during these uncertain times that there is one thing that is certain.

The love of an animal can help you get through anything.

Fostering and adoptions are being done by appointment only.

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