Abby's Apps: Zello

Posted at 5:55 AM, Jul 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-19 07:33:14-04

During a storm, the ability to communicate with others can make a huge difference in dangerous situations. To quickly alert people that you need help or that you are available to help in a storm, check out the app Zello. It's a push-to-talk app that works similarly to a walkie-talkie.

"It really enables citizens to go and help somebody else," explains Rob Gaudet, the founder of the Cajun Navy Ground Force.

Theirs is the biggest channel on Zello, and has become a life-saving tool since the flood of August 2016. Citizens in need can search for the Cajun Navy Zello channel and use it to reach rescuers in a disaster.

"It allows us to dispatch individuals and do boat rescues, to tarp roofs, and do all kinds of things," says Gaudet.

Zello outperforms walkie-talkies in that a channel can be accessed from any part of the country. As a frequent user, Gaudet says he sees practical uses for the app beyond storm season.

"Businesses actually use it if you're in a warehouse. Instead of walking to a person you can get on Zello, press a button and it will communicate directly to that person and to the entire group listening what you want to say to them. It's a great tool for anybody that wants to communicate with a lot of people," says Gaudet.

It's recommend to download the app before you may need it in a storm, but it won't take long to learn to navigate it.

"Zello is extremely user friendly," says Gaudet.

To learn more about the Zello app, click here.