Abby's Apps: Grammarly

An app for students and professionals
Posted at 10:03 AM, Sep 07, 2020

Whether you're concerned about using the right version of 'their,' wanting to write the perfect email to a new professor, or looking to become a stronger writer, Grammarly may be the app for you.

Its an app for your phone or tablet, and can be used as a browser extension on your desktop to give you writing feedback. Grammarly offers spelling and grammar checks, vocabulary enhancing words, recommendations for simplifying sentences and more.

The app can be useful in business too with a new tone detector checking the tone of an email before you send it off.

Grammarly can be used across your favorite social media platforms, Google Drive, Slack, Outlook Mail, Microsoft Word, and more.

The basic Grammarly package is free to install or you can upgrade to a few different versions depending on what you're willing to spend.

Abby's Review: Purchasing a package is worth it for students or professionals. It is an investment in yourself and everything you put in writing, plus once you start seeing your common mistakes are easy fixes - Grammarly will make you a better communicator.