Abby's Apps: Ada

Posted at 7:47 AM, Mar 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-10 09:23:59-04

In the midst of a frenzy over the COVID-19 virus, you may feel yourself stressing over every ache, pain or cough. There is a way to see what some of your symptoms could mean before you head to the doctor.

This app, called Ada won't specifically diagnose your illness but it can answer this important question - should you rush to the doctor or just take it easy for a day?

Ada was developed by doctors to help provide quick, simple medical advice. The app uses an in depth series of questions, like where is your head ache? can you feel it behind your eyes? how long has it felt that way?

It tells you what's most likely the problem and if you should schedule a doctor's appointment, or just make a trip to the drug store followed by a nap.

The app does not store any of this information by the way, unless you give it permission. Ada is constantly updated, to ensure maximum privacy and to stay on top of the latest in healthcare.

Most recently, the signs, symptoms and even hot spots throughout the world for COVID-19 have been added to the app along with additional information to read through, all provided by doctors.

A reminder - Ada can't provide a real diagnosis, just some helpful insight, so don't download the app thinking you'll replace your regular doctor's visits.