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Maison Madeleine: A hidden gem on Lake Martin

Posted at 8:34 AM, May 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-03 09:43:45-04

During the day Maison Madeleine can seem idyllic. A bed and breakfast tucked up next to Lake Martin.

Once a week in the fall and spring it becomes something transcendent.

“They began with just family and friends and music, and some local but amazing chefs,” said Walt Adams one of the owners of Maison Madeleine.

Each Sunday night a collaboration of chefs come together with musicians to pair the two centerpieces of Cajun culture

Joel Savoy one of the musicians who plays the series agrees: “Well growing up here we all know there’s going to be music and there’s going to be food. They’ve taken all these beautiful elements of our culture.”

A match seemingly made in heaven.

“I don’t know a single musician that doesn’t cook and I don’t know a single chef who doesn’t play some kind of instrument.”

And while the black pot can certainly make a fine meal, the Secret Supper Series takes these traditional south Louisiana flavors and elevates them.

“These are five-course dinners with paired excellent wines.”

Both award-winning chefs and musicians guide the guests through their night.

“You’re eating and in between courses the chefs come and talk to you about what you’re eating and what goes into it and then you have the musicians come in and play a song for you that they feel is suitable for where you’re at in the meal,” said Kelli Jones another musician who has played there before.

Helping to spread Cajun culture to people not just from across the country but across the world.

“When people come here they want to soak up as much culture as they can they want to meet people they wouldn’t meet in an urban environment. People come in as far as Santa Barbra a few weeks ago, as far as Miami.”

And leading to the types of moments that only the marriage of food and music can create.

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