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Ca C’est Bon: Chocolate Mousse

Posted at 8:00 AM, Apr 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-03 14:57:02-04

On today’s segment of Ca C’est Bon, it’s all about dessert.

Abby Breidenbach is joined in the Vermilionville kitchen by Chef Marcus Bergeron to make a decadent Chocolate Mousse.

Check below for the full recipe

Few ingredients and a little bit of patience bring together this light and fluffy dessert.

We begin our mousse by making a custard. Four eggs are cracked and separated with the yolks heading into a glass bowl over boiling water. Added sugar and constant whisking render the eggs nice and smooth. They should essentially double in volume. At that time, they are ready the chocolate of your choosing. And more whisking.

Some heavy cream and the tiniest bit of salt bring our chocolate custard together. The next step is creating the whipped cream which will add volume to your mousse. A few tablespoons of whipped cream will be set aside for topping later.

We mix our cream into the chocolate using gentle folds to keep the mousse nice and fluffy. Then it’s time to fill our ramekins. Feel free to use whatever serving dish you prefer. Those take a chill in the refrigerator for about three hours before they’re ready for their final dressing.

A few dollops of whipped cream finish off our chocolate mousse. An extra flare of presentation was achieved with a crumble of graham cracker on top.