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GMA Dave Trips: Jack Miller’s Cajun Food Products

Posted at 6:34 AM, Sep 03, 2018
and last updated 2020-01-03 13:11:22-05

In Ville Platte, Jack Miller’s bbq and cocktail sauces are still made the same way, by family. Even though Jack has passed on, his son Kermit, his wife Sheila and their family cook up batches almost every day.

“There’s three of four things in here, you can smell it! This is regular salt and sugar. And some hot sauce products in here, plus a few others we don’t show.”

His dad started as a restauranteur.

“He had a restaurant cafe. Whatever you want to call it. He opened in 1941 here in Ville Platte. He started the American Inn Restaurant.”

He and a buddy had plans on opening a chain of hamburger joints

“This was pre-McDonalds. The war broke out and you couldn’t get the meat, so he’d go around to the farmers and get chickens and BBQ chicken.”

Way back you could get a BBQ dinner for a buck and a quarter and Kermit says that included rice, gravy, two vegetables, potato salad lettuce and tomatoes.

Kermit has been on the line for a long time!

“I started here when I was 9.”

He was in the naval reserve, a Vietnam Veteran. his mom sent him some BBQ sauce.

“We had a cookout on the ship, looking out over the coast of Vietnam..can you imagine that.”

After they cook it, it’s sent to the bottling line. And they make a lot!

“On a day like today, what are you going to end up bottling. Oh, about 2000 bottles. Now that’s today, or over the course of the that’s today!”

The bottles are filled, the caps screwed on, labeled, boxed, then shipped. Asked when he was going to let his kids take over Kermit says they’ve already started.

“Oh, I’m semi-retired, I’ve cut my hours to about 8 a day. I’ve got a camp about 6 miles from here. I’ll go out there and have a little siesta.”

Kermit’s napping spot even has three BBQ pits, as it should, of course.

Asked if he’s ever met a vegetarian Kermit says their product is not a problem for those who prefer to abstain from meat.

“Our product is no problem for a vegetarian. When they ask, ‘what’s the simplest recipe you’ve got’? Take a slice of bread, some Jack Millers on it, and that’s it! It’s the after school Special. A lot of young people would say you got me through college. We’d pitch in our money and save our money for the beer!”

And how does it feel when people say that the taste and smell of his sauce takes them to a favorite memory?

“It’s amazing, you know, I walk into a grocery store and I’ll see that product on the shelf I don’t usually think too much about it. But when I go away from here, I look and say, ‘I made that! My whole family made that. Three generations!”