One Jennings teen gives back to the community on her birthday

Posted at 7:16 AM, Apr 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-07 17:48:12-04

One Jennings teenager is taking initiative and showing Acadiana that it is better to give than to receive even when that day was meant for her.

Laura Naquin knew that she wanted to do something special for her 14th birthday and decided early on that that something special would not involve her.

Naquin says that since her birthday is so close to Christmas she often feels that she doesn’t need anything for her birthday. "The clutter in my room is so annoying," says Naquin.  "If I don’t need things, other kids need things. " 

So before her birthday last year, she sat down with her parents and told them she’d like to donate her birthday to a good cause. A cause, she says, that is close to her heart. 

"Instead of asking for presents, I asked for donations for a place called the New Life Counseling. It helps women with unplanned pregnancies raise their child."

And after all the donations were gathered from friends and family, Laura was able to bring in diapers, baby formula, and other essentials to the women who would otherwise have gone without. 

"The turn out was great. We had bottles, diapers, and all, it was amazing. They were so excited when they got those donations." 

For Laura, it wasn’t about the glory of giving, but in seeing the smiling faces of those who really need it.