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GMA Dave Trips: SPAR Waterpark

A Little Late Opening, But Fun For All!
Posted at 4:00 AM, Jul 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-09 09:35:48-04

Much of Southwest Louisiana is still rebounding from the 2020 hurricane season. Many summer activities have been slow to open, but in Sulphur, the SPAR Waterpark is ready for you to play!

Water slides for the big kids, splash and play islands for the little ones, a lazy river for Mom and Dad. Welcome to the SPAR Water Park in Sulphur. Yeah, you heard me right. SULPHUR!

Slides at the SPAR Waterpark

"Sulphur is a small town, but we have big time attractions." says Aunjelle Burton, who is the Recreation Manager for Sulphur Parks and Recreation.

Aunjelle Burton-Recreation Manager Sulphur Parks and Recreation

Burton returned to her home town of Sulphur from Austin just for this! "It was kinda hard to say no because I knew Sulphur Parks and Recreation would be the only facility that would be able to fund some type of event like this.", adds Burton.

Owen Grabouilla-Water Slide Enthusiast

Eight year old Owen Grabouilla from Breaux Bridge is here with his mom and grandmother. He's taking a break from his favorite sport of baseball. He told me while we were waiting for a lightning delay that he's already an expert! "Yeah, it's my second time here actually." I asked, what's your favorite part of the waterpark?, Grabouilla said, "Probably the slides!"

SPAR Waterpark Kids Splash Island

"The joy in childrens' eyes. When you see people come in and they've never seen it, a child who's never experienced anything like this before, it's a joy to see because I do know that what we put into this location is definitely a benefit to the community and others in their wellness." says Burton.

And it's a job creator. One of the most coveted jobs for high school and college kids in the area. Burton says, "We are fortunate to be a very popular location to work. We do lifeguard training month after month. They make the choice to come here because they know they can get some good hours, a decent wage and that's where all their friends are working!"

SPAR Waterpark Lifeguards Always on Duty

The lifeguards are here to keep you safe, and out of the water during lightning storms. But the most common thing you'll hear from them? "WALK!". Of course there's no running, and no diving allowed at the facility. The waters are too shallow to for that.

What are some of the favorite rides? Burton says, "Mine's the river. I can always float on the river!"

SPAR Waterpark Raging River

Don't forget they have some great concessions at the park too. But you don't need to buy your stuff there. You're free to bring food and drinks to be consumed outside of the facility. You'll be given an wristband, and you can re-enter the waterpark as long as you have the wristband with you. This also means, you can leave the facility entirely and enjoy something at nearby restaurants in Sulphur.

The facility is open daily and hours vary. They also have a special "Adult Only" night July 28th for those who just want to float! You can check the SPAR Waterpark Website for hours and information. They also have a Facebook Page that is updated with current events.

SPAR Waterpark Entry Fees

Sulphur residents get a discount for entry with a valid ID and can get in for $6. Non-residents the charge for entry is $12. Kids under 2 get in free. Sulphur residents and those living nearby can also benefit from the indoor facilities year round. That includes gyms, exercise equipment and two indoor pools.