CRAWDAQ Index for 3/2/2023

Lafayette crawfish prices record first "dip" of the season
crawdaq 0202 2023.JPG
Posted at 9:06 PM, Mar 02, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-27 13:01:25-04

This week, the CRAWDAQ Index shows you can expect to pay an average of $32.70 for 5 lbs of boiled crawfish in Lafayette ($6.54/lb).
That's down 5% from last week's prices, but still 5% more expensive than average for this time of year.
Our data, going back to 2014, shows the average price/lb for March 2nd (+/- 5 days) is $6.20/lb.

Here are the prices for some of your favorite restaurants in Lafayette:

A-Cajun Crawfish House $26.49
Buck's Crawfish $27.50
Cody's Crawfish Shop $30.99
Cooney's Crawfish $28.50
Crawfish Hole (Carencro) $32.95
Crawfish Jake $29.95
Crawfix $26.99
Crawfish Spot $29.95
Crawfish Time Inc. (Moss) $29.99
Don's Seafood $40.00
Dwights $34.99
Grandaddy's Crawfish $34.99
Lagneaux's $29.95
Louisiana Crawfish Time (Verot) $34.99
LT'S Seafood $38.95
The Cajun Table $38.00
The Crawfish Hot Tub $34.99
The Crawfish Boss $26.25
Uncle T's $37.00
Yabbo's $32.99
Young's Sports Grill $33.99