Abby's Apps: Extra security with Noonlight

Posted at 5:08 PM, Jul 08, 2019

When you're walking alone or feel unsafe, do you ever wish you had a personal body guard?

Well, the next best thing can be found on your smart phone and it's totally free. This week on Abby's Apps, we are spotlighting an app called Noonlight.

This is an app you'll want to download before you need to use it.

Users pick a four-digit passcode and allow location access, then when you're walking alone or feeling unsafe, that's when you'll want to pull out Noonlight.

To use, just hold your finger on the button while you walk from point A to point B. When you're sure you've arrived at your destination safely, you can let go of the button and you'll have ten seconds to type your passcode.

If there were to be an emergency, you wouldn't type your passcode and Noonlight would call for help.

The app is free for the most basic level of protection, but you can also upgrade for either five or ten dollars a month, which would provide more safety features on more devices and even hands free emergency help.