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Coke And Tic Tac Are Collaborating To Make Cola-flavored Mints

Coke And Tic Tac Are Collaborating To Make Cola-flavored Mints
Posted at 12:45 PM, Oct 16, 2019

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Traditionally, Tic Tacs have fallen into two distinct camps: The fresh, minty flavors like wintergreen and spearmint you’d expect from a mint or the fruit-forward flavors like orange or strawberry that, quite honestly, seem like candy masquerading as mints. Next up, though? Cola-flavored mints, which deviate from both flavor profiles.

Mint maker Tic Tac announced it has teamed up with Coca-Cola for the iconic partnership, delivering bite-size cola mints.

Will they be more minty? Or more cola-like? Time will tell, but I’m envisioning a candy that will be a less sugary rendition of the cola-flavored Wonka Bottle Caps. (In my opinion, those soda-flavored candies were majorly underrated!)

According to a news release, Tic Tac Coca-Cola will give consumers an “incomparable taste experience which combines the refreshment of Coca-Cola with the iconicity of Tic Tac. Both brands are appreciated all over the world, perfect for sharing, connecting people, providing refreshment.”

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The limited-edition Coke-flavored Tic Tacs will come in three different sizes, and they will be sold in 70 different countries. The Ferrero Group, the maker of Tic Tacs, says they’ll be available in mid-January 2020.

Coca-Cola has been on a roll lately with creative marketing. Back in May, the soda brand brought back a limited number of “New Coke” cans from the 1980s to coincide with the third season of the Netflix show “Stranger Things,” in which the product is featured. (The reformulated recipe flopped in 1985 and was only on the market for 79 days, according to Coca-Cola.)


The company has also announced it will be rolling out cinnamon Coke (and cranberry Sprite) in time for the holidays.

Now, of course, Coke is keeping things fresh with the collaboration with Tic Tac.

But, the collaboration we’d really love to see next? Mentos and Diet Coke, pretty please!

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