Candace Owens' appearance at UL draws in protesters and supporters

Posted at 10:11 PM, Sep 18, 2019

The appearance of conservative activist Candace Owens sparked protests on UL's campus Wednesday night. The UL Lafayette College Republicans invited Owens to speak on campus. As protesters chanted their differences, Owens stood outside to share a message.

"We just want you guys to actually hear what I say," Owens said. "If you guys would like to come in and sit down, we can talk to you. We would like to close the polarizing gap in politics and actually try to have a conversation."

Owens, a conservative commentator and political activist, is known for her pro-Trump activism and criticism of the Democratic party. It's views that some say they don't agree with.

"It's extreme views that we don't think UL stands for," student Kai Duckworth said. "A lot of our message is to the marginalized people that are affected by these extreme views. Letting them know that there's a lot of us standing in solidarity and willing to speak out on what we view is extreme."

Another student, Brent Bailey added, "We are here not to allow ignorance to be spewed among college students."

The event also brought supporters of Owens, who say protesters should give Owens and her views a chance.

"It's wonderful to see an amazing African American woman who's confident, stands out, and says her side," a supporter said. "Everyone has a right to believe what they believe not just a liberal side or conservative side and she is the epitome of that."