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Can you find the apple among the cacti?

Can you find the apple among the cacti?
Posted at 8:35 AM, May 22, 2023

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Some people like brain teasers that are word- or number-heavy. But for those that enjoy fun picture puzzles, the work of Dudolf is for you.

Dudolf, real name Gergely Dudás, hails from Hungary and has been making and sharing viral image teasers for a number of years. Dudolf has 167,000 followers on Facebook and 49,000 on Instagram, where he posts new puzzles frequently.

One of his recent ones asks seekers to find a single apple in an array of cacti. Can you solve this one?

While you’re trying to spot the apple, you’ll also notice some other funny details like a dead cactus and one wearing a little top hat.

Need help finding the fruit? Check out the bottom left side of the image. Or Dudolf has the solution to the puzzle on his website (the puzzles there often have better resolution as well).

His commenters mostly rave about how fun and also tricky his picture puzzles are.

“I love how you’ve reinvented this!!” said Facebook commenter Gabriella Larsson-Auna of the apple among the cacti search. “And managed to make it even more difficult to find, took me four or five searches to find the apple. Earlier set-up it took at most three tries. Keep’em coming, please!”

Another poster, Nynke de Haas, said she was enjoying the softer, watercolor-like colors of some of Dudolf’s more recent puzzles. The artist replied that he’d drawn this particular image search digitally.

Another recent, watercolor-esque brain teaser asked searchers to find a cat among a bunch of rainbow owls.

Over on Dudolf’s Instagram page, you can see a glimpse at some of his works in progress, including a reindeer holiday image search. You also get a glimpse into the life of the artist himself. Gergely Dudás is in his early 30s, got married in 2022, and is a big fan of tattoos.

You can enjoy more of Dudolf’s work in the Fox and Rabbit books and three seasonal “Bear’s Books of Hidden Things.”

Happy puzzle time!

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