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Bath & Body Works 2022 Halloween Collection Is Already Out—Here Are 8 Must-Haves

Bath & Body Works 2022 Halloween Collection Is Already Out—Here Are 8 Must-Haves
Posted at 9:45 AM, Jul 19, 2022

Bath & Body Works isn’t just counting down to fall, it’s already sipping the apple cider. The company’s Halloween collection is now available in stores and online — as of mid-July!

The Bath & Body Works 2022 Halloween collection is full of new scents made just for the season and tons of fun decor, from incredibly detailed wallflowers to nightlights to large candle holders, including the return of last year’s popular witch hand that sold out almost immediately. There’s a good chance some items will sell out again, so if something you want is already gone, be sure to save the link and check back later because it should get restocked.

Take a look below at some of our favorite scents and products you’ll find in the Bath & Body Works 2022 Halloween collection.

Enchanted Candy Potion Three-Wick Candle

A brand-new scent for this year’s Halloween, Enchanted Candy Potion has notes of what the company describes as spellbinding sugar, bewitched berries and whipped pixie dust. Priced at $26.50, Bath & Body Works calls it “a magically sweet and fruity witch’s brew.”

The Enchanted Candy Potion scent is also available in a hand soap, Wallflower refill and body cream. You’ll also find it in a Trick or Treat mini hand sanitizer pack, which also includes Ghoul Friend and Vampire Blood.

Bath & Body Works

Water Globe Eye Candle Pedestal

While the Bath & Body Works Halloween three-wick candles are already decorated with themed wrapping, if you want to add some more spookiness, this Water Globe Eye Pedestal is priced at $60. Along with holding your favorite three-wick candle, it lights up, swirls glitter and the eyeball spins around!

Not into creepy eyeballs? You can also find a raven water globe candle holder that plays a spooky song and a skull-shaped water globe candle holder.

Bath & Body Works

Wicked Vanilla Woods Fragrance Mist

Another new scent this season, the Wicked Vanilla Woods Fragrance Mist will have you smelling like an October night no matter what the calendar says! Priced at $16.50, the fragrance mist has notes of magical vanilla, glowing amberwood and enchanted pink pepper. Bath & Body Works describes the scent as “walking through a haunted forest on a sweet, spooky night.”

Wicked Vanilla Woods is also available in a wallflower refill so your home can smell like a spooky forest, too!

Bath & Body Works

Gemstone Ghost Pocketbak Holder

Halloween is for collecting candy, not germs, so you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared for all your fall adventures with some hand sanitizer. This Gemstone Ghost Pocketbak Holder is priced at $7 and can clip onto your bag, belt loop or candy bucket.

Gemstone ghosts not your thing? You’ll also find other Pocketbak holders that include an adorable bat with wings that actually flap, a pumpkin milkshake and a glow-in-the-dark skeleton that can also be worn on a lanyard for easy access to sanitizer while trick-or-treating or heading to an apple orchard.

Bath & Body Works

Witch Hand Pedestal Candle Holder

This super-popular Witch Hand Pedestal Candle Holder sold out quickly last year, so you’ll want to grab it right away if it’s on your shopping list. The candle holder creates an instant ambiance that’s eerie yet elegant, thanks in part to the witch’s eye-catching green velvet sleeve.

While the witch pedestal only holds a single-wick candle, if you need one that fits a three-wick, this light-up monster tree pedestal candle holder has a spooky face that glows green.

Bath & Body Works

Evil Apple Nightlight

This Evil Apple Nightlight is priced at $18.50 and holds a Wallflower refill to fill your home with whatever scents you like. The nightlight looks like a witch’s hand holding a regular apple during the day, but once the lights are out and the nightlight comes on, you’ll see a spooky face! While it pairs with all Wallflower scents, you can stick with the apple theme and grab a Pumpkin Apple refill or the new Apple Weather, which has fragrance notes of fresh autumn apples, cedarwood trail and cinnamon bark.

Other Halloween Wallflower nightlights include a succulent skull, neon bat, spooky blue pumpkin, neon jack-o’-lantern and a crystal ball.

Bath & Body Works

Ivy Witch Hand Soap Holder

This Ivy Witch Hand Soap Holder is priced at $25. The holder features a witch’s hand, snake and spider and holds your favorite Halloween hand soap, like Ghoul Friend, Purrfect Pumpkin and new scents like Sugared Spell or Stardust Magic, which has fragrance notes of celestial caramel swirl, mystical vanilla and secret musk.

You can also get a witch hand soap holder that makes noise, a spider soap holder or a light-up pumpkin.

Bath & Body Works

Haunted House Lumininary

This Haunted House Luminary is for serious Halloween fans only, as it will set you back $200, but Oh My Ghoul is it adorable! The luminary holds a three-wick candle and features three different sides, so you can move it around and get a different decoration, or use it as a centerpiece so all of your guests see a different angle.

If it’s a bit too pricey for you, you can get a monster tree wallflower that doubles as a nightlight for $32.50. While not exactly the same, it has the same level of spookiness and will offer a creepy glow.

Bath & Body Works

If you’re more into seasonal scents than spooky decor, Bath & Body Works also has a separate fall collection with scents like Leaves, Fall Farmhouse, Marshmallow Fireside and the always popular Sweater Weather, which has fragrance notes of fresh sage, juniper berries, aromatic eucalyptus and fresh woods.

Are you already looking forward to fall and Halloween or is this way too early to even think about it?

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