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You Definitely Need These New Barqs Root Beer Float Pops

You Definitely Need These New Barqs Root Beer Float Pops
Posted at 10:15 AM, Jul 10, 2019

Root beer floats, that classic summer treat, are a winning combination of cold, fizzy root beer and creamy vanilla ice cream. But classic root beer floats come with a price, and that’s the price of actually assembling them, which can be kind of a pain. Homemade root beer floats often result in sticky hands and sticky glasses, and someone almost always spills. If there are kids, there is an argument about how much ice cream goes in each glass…you get it. That’s why it’s such huge news that Barq’s (which makes the best root beer, in this writer’s humble opinion) has come out with root beer floats neatly contained in one tube.

Yes, dear reader, the perfect swirl of creamy vanilla soft serve and icy root-beer soda frozen into one convenient pack that resembles those push pops we used to eat as kids (were they sherbet? Were they even a flavor? I can’t remember). Plus, they weigh in at only 90 calories per pop, which isn’t terrible.

The Three Snackateers posted about these pops on Instagram after spotting them at a Jewel grocery store:

If it’s sounding like you absolutely need these pops in your life, then head on over to Instacart (or your local grocery store, depending on the location) to order some for delivery. They come in a pack of 24, so there will be more than enough to go around, even if you don’t especially want to share.

How do they taste? One Instagram reviewer declared them “better than the coke float frozen treats that came out”:

And if you feel like these root beer floats are good but you’re looking for something a little boozier, may we suggest these skinny vodka popsicles from Costco that weigh in at a whopping 8% ABV for just 100 calories. They’re called Slim Chillers, and they’ve got an Instagram account, in case you wish to find out more:

Talk about being perfect for summer!

Interested in creating other root beer-flavored treats? We’ve got you covered.

If you like cake, you might want to consider creating this mason-jar root beer float cake from A Spicy Perspective, which can be a cool, creamy treat on hot days like the ones we’re having right now. Although it might be wonderful warm, too!

You can bake up your cake ingredients, adding molasses to the regular items. Then, when you’re ready to serve, simply add root beer so the concoction fizzles, and put ice cream on top. Sounds delish, right?


What about pie? Some of us like pie better than cake, so here’s an option from A Kitchen Addicton that sounds easy and yum. It uses a graham cracker crust, along with root beer concentrate, milk, vanilla instant pudding and Cool Whip. You can take a shortcut by buying a pre-made pie shell if you like.


Or how about an adult root beer float? This recipe, from Small Town Woman, combines Not Your Father’s Root Beer with vodka and vanilla ice cream. Find the recipe here.


Did you know there’s such a thing as a root beer milkshake? I mean, it’s the obvious evolution of the root beer float, right?

One version, a chocolate root beer milkshake from the blog Crazy for Crust, requires coating your glass with chocolate syrup. Blend vanilla ice cream and root beer together to the texture you want, then top it with Cool Whip and sprinkles for the perfect thick and tasty drink!


But if you just want to stick to simple root beer and ice cream, we’ll understand!

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