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‘Back to the Future’ cast gets together at Fan Expo and shares a ton of selfies

Back to the Future cast gets together at Fan Expo and shares a ton of selfies
Posted at 8:30 AM, Feb 21, 2023

July will mark 38 years since the original “Back to the Future” film hit theaters. Fans were treated to a special treat over the weekend when the stars of the beloved movie franchise reunited for a convention. They took an adorable selfie together to celebrate the occasion, which immediately went viral upon being shared on social media.

The picture, which features Michael J. Fox (Marty McFly), Christopher Lloyd (Dr. Emmett Brown), Lea Thompson (Lorraine Baines McFly) and Thomas Wilson (Biff Tannen) all smiling happily into the camera, was taken at the Fan Expo Portland convention in Portland, Oregon. The four-day event kicked off last Friday.

Lea Thompson shared this and other pics in a collage of photos and video clips set to One Direction’s “Night Changes” on Twitter at @LeaKThompson. She also posted a video of her and Wilson together.

“Got to see my friends from #BTTF it was so nice,” Thompson wrote in the tweet. “They are still the funniest guys I know. What a blessing. @DocBrownLloyd @realmikefox @TomWilsonUSA it’s like they made a Time Machine out of a comic con.”

The other stars also shared images from the event. Wilson, on Instagram, captioned the same selfie with, “So this happened,” while Fox posted an Instagram story with his arms around Thompson and Lloyd.

“I love being at these FanExpo events and seeing some of my favorite people like Lea, Tom, Chris and all you #bttf heads. Heavy,” he wrote.

Lloyd posted this image on Twitter at @DocBrownLloyd:

The classic science-fiction movie stars Fox as high school student and time-traveler Marty McFly, Lloyd as the scientist who built a time machine out of a DeLorean, and Thompson as Marty’s mom — as well as the teenage girl who’s crushing on him. Wilson plays bully Biff, nemesis to both Marty and his father (Crispin Glover).

“Back to the Future” became an instant hit upon release and the highest-grossing movie of 1985. Since then, it has become one of the most beloved cult classics ever, spawning a franchise that includes two sequels and several spinoff projects like comic books and video games.

Back to the Future: The Musical” is set to hit the Broadway stage this summer.

The reunion photo — one of many the cast has taken over the years — delighted fans worldwide. It reminded them how much they enjoyed the original trilogy, with an enduring legacy that spans four decades and continues to impact pop culture.

That’s the power of love.

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