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$15 million in gold, other items stolen at Canadian airport

A cargo unit was stolen from a Toronto airport, and authorities are trying to figure out how it went missing.
$15 million in gold, other items stolen at Canadian airport
Posted at 1:45 PM, Apr 24, 2023

Authorities in Canada are trying to figure out how $14.77 million in gold and other items were taken from a Toronto airport last week. 

Police inspector Stephen Duivesteyn told reporters the items were on board an airplane that landed at Toronto Pearson Airport last week. The items were then taken to a holding area used for cargo at the airport. It was there where the items went missing. 

“Our goal is to solve this theft,” Duivesteyn said, adding his agency would not go into detail on how the items were stolen. 

“We feel this to be an isolated incident,” Duivesteyn added. “For the traveling public concerned about flying in or out, they should have no concern. We do not consider this a public safety matter.”

Duivesteyn said no suspects have been arrested.

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Duivesteyn said the items were contained in a storage unit about 5 feet to 6 feet wide. 

However, the heist is not the largest in aviation history. In 1978, $5.8 million in money and jewelry were stolen from a Lufthansa Airlines cargo facility at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York. The heist would amount to $26 million today.

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