Milton Elementary student gets dream come true

5:08 PM, Oct 30, 2018

Tuesday morning, Milton Elementary held a general assembly, but the students soon learned that it was actually a surprise reveal for a fifth-grade student, Colin McGhee.

He learned that his longtime dream will soon be coming true, and it’s all thanks to a group called Dreams Come True.

“I would like to honor a warrior that is right here at Milton Elementary School.  That student is Colin McGhee,” announced Bob Giles, who works with the non-profit that gives children with life-threatening illnesses a chance to make their dreams become reality.

Colin’s surprise is that he is going to Hollywood’s Universal Studios to meet Maroon Five singer and The Voice star Adam Levine.

10-year-old ColinMcGhee is like many other fifth graders, he loves to dance, make jokes and hang with his friends.

“He is resilient, he’s sweet, he’s joyful, he’s kind,” McGhee’s mother Amy said of her son.

“He keeps his humor through it all. even when he’s sick and throwing up, he makes a wisecrack about it,” His father Mark McGhee added.

In July, Colin was diagnosed with stage two kidney cancer.

“There were days in the beginning where he didn’t want to get up not that he was giving up he just didn’t want to get up. I wonder how he just keeps pushing forward and pushing forward,” Amy said.

“He was determined not to miss his first day of school this year,” His father added. “He said, I’m going no matter what.”

With his family by his side, their faith and the support of his school, Colin says the journey has been a little smoother.

“Partly a blessing, partly a curse considering the curse is I have to get chemo and it makes me feel bad and I have cancer in the first place. But, it got me a lot closer to my family, I want to see them like all the time,” said Colin McGhee.

Colin’s family says the journey has not been easy but they hope that by the time they make that trip, Colin will be receiving some more good news.

“We’re at the end. Hopefully, November 26th is the last treatment for chemo. But with that comes fears, like his fears of something else coming up,” said Amy.

The excitement of going to California is helping colin keep a positive attitude. It’s also going to make him pretty popular in school.

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