Crisis Assistance for Victims of Fire and the Homeless

12:30 PM, Nov 06, 2019

A crisis can strike anytime without warning. Even with the best laid plans, tragedy can throw us all for a loop; leaving us vulnerable to necessities like clothing, food, and shelter. Take, for example, the victims of a sudden house fire – where will they go? How will they recover? Who will provide for basic necessities? Luckily, there’s help right here in Acadiana.

Goodwill Industries of Acadiana is in the business of lifting people up through services designed to help the most vulnerable among us rise out of difficult situations.  Through their Services program, victims of homelessness and those who have suffered the adverse impact of a fire, may qualify for what is known as Crisis Assistance.

How it Works

In the case of a fire, even with insurance, there can be gaps in coverage or immediate needs that the insurance company can’t or is unable to address. For homelessness, of course, there is no insurance. Goodwill Industries of Acadiana can step in to provide vouchers for use in any of their 12 locations. These vouchers can be used to purchase essential items such as clothing, household goods and even furniture.

Relying on outside agency referrals for voucher distribution ensures that Goodwill Industries of Acadiana is confidently addressing and assisting those throughout Acadiana who are truly in need.

Other Community Resources

Acadiana is rich in resources when it comes to its most vulnerable citizens. In addition to the outreach efforts provided by Goodwill Industries of Acadiana to victims of fire and homelessness, the community boasts food pantries, temporary homeless shelters, assistance for child care, and other services, such as in the form of financial rental assistance.

In what may be a surprising number for some, over 330 people were documented as homeless in Lafayette as recently as 2017. A number of those who are homeless take up residence on the streets downtown. What can you do to help? How many of those who are experiencing homeless have also experienced the tragedy of fire? Compassion in the form of Goodwill donations can help.

Want to learn more about how you and Goodwill Industries of Acadiana can help families in the area who are facing hardships such as displacement from fire or homelessness? Contact the Services Team by phone at 337- 769-7650, visit them online at, or stop by to see them in person at 1225 Kaliste Saloom Rd. in Lafayette, Louisiana  70508.

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