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City of Broussard improves fire rating

Posted at 5:14 PM, Dec 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-14 02:11:12-05

(PRESS RELEASE) The 2018 fire rating inspection for the City of Broussard has been completed by the Property Insurance Association of Louisiana, and the news is good for the city. Broussard is moving from a rating of 4 to 3, which is an improvement for the city and will create insurance savings for both residents and businesses.

“The credit for the improvement in Broussard’s fire rating goes to the Broussard Fire Department. Their hard work, with the support of our city council and city administration, has created this improvement, and our citizens and our businesses are going to benefit as their insurance premiums will decrease. The professionalism and dedication of Fire Chief Bryan Champaign, Assistant Chief Dennis Mouton and Deputy Chief Justin Denias certainly deserve recognition and their vigilance for Broussard has consistently produced improvements in our ratings and is one more reason why Broussard remains one of the fastest growing cities in Louisiana, and it is an honor to serve with them,” said Broussard Mayor-elect Ray Bourque.

The Property Insurance Association of Louisiana recalculates its ratings every five years. In addition to responding to fire call, the Broussard Fire Department also responds to medical calls with city limits and surrounding areas.