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A couple of years ago, I was finally at an age where I was ready to settle down. After hitting the thirty-year mark and having several failed relationships, I wanted to find "the one." All my friends were settled and married, and I always felt like I was the only one alone. However, whenever I went out on a date looking for something serious, things would always go South. Either our personalities wouldn't match, the other person was not looking for something serious, or I would just not find that spark in the connection.

One day, I was telling one of my best friends how serious I was about getting married and finding someone. This Indian friend of mine was already married with a kid and could understand how lonely I was. She was also aware of all my past relationships and knew how things were always against our odds. She mentioned how she thought that my not finding a partner until now could be because my stars were not aligned. She advised me to talk to an astrologer.

People in her culture greatly rely on astrologers to find out which period of their lives is ideal for finding a partner and when the cosmos are in their favor. So she told me to reach out to an astrologer and find out why I was always having unsuccessful relationships, one after the other. Since it is pretty hard to find trusted psychic readers in the U.S., she told me about an authentic psychic reading online website where I could find one.

Long story short, the astrologer revealed why I was facing so many obstacles in my marriage and finally told me when the window of marriage would open in my life. Today, I'm married with two kids, and it's all thanks to these best online psychics who specialize in astrology readings.

This was my story of how I got introduced to the world of best online psychic readings and how you can do the same to solve basically any problem in your general life. It’s not just limited to your love life. So in this article, I will reveal some of the most high-potential online psychic reading platforms that I believe offer 100% legit and best online psychic readings for as low as $1. In fact, some are even free of cost!

Here's a sneak peek and a detailed review of these.

Best Psychic Reading Services

  • Kasamba —  Expert Vetted for Love Readings

Current hot deals you can bag: 3 Trial Minutes at $0 + 70% Discount for New Users

  • Psychic Source — Platform of Choice for Psychic Readings by Phone or Chat

Current hot deals you can bag: 3 Trial Minutes at $0 + Rates As Low As $1/Min

  • Keen — Top All-Rounded Website for Spiritual Readings

Current hot deals you can bag: Only $1.99/min for the 10 Minutes

  • AskNow — Most User-Friendly Service with Experienced Advisors

Current hot deals you can bag: 5 Minutes at $0 + $1 Per Minute

  • MysticSense — Fastest Online Psychic Readings by Intuitive Psychics

Current hot deals you can bag: 5 Minutes at $0 + $1 per Minute

Disclaimer: If you are looking for an instant reading by the best psychics, skip the guide below and just click on the links mentioned above to each platform for quick signup and bag the beginner-friendly deals that are only available for you! For a comprehensive review of each of these services, continue reading.

1. Kasamba - A Safe Haven of Best Online Psychics for New Users


Reasons to Choose

✅ Industry Experience of 20+ Years

✅ 41 Diverse Categories of Occult Services

✅ Easy Payment Options, Including PayPal

✅ Complimentary 3 Minutes for New Users

✅ Quick Refund Policy

✅ Multiple Connection Methods (emails, phone calls, and live chats)

✅ Nearly 200 Experts on the Site

✅ New Subscribers Can Avail 70% Off

Reasons to Skip

❌ No Option for Video Consultations

❌ Complimentary Minutes Only Available for Chat Readings

Our Experience

When you turn to a service that has been in existence for long enough to know what it's doing, you get confident before reading before even the consultation starts. That's what happened to me when my friend recommended that I consult with an astrologer at Kasamba.

I turned to an astrologer on Kasamba to figure out why the odds were never in my favor in my love life. The platform has nearly 200 occult specialists on site who are actually gifted advisors with mystical abilities. After picking one of these specialists and talking to them about my concerns, I was able to be more in control of my relationships and eventually ended up finding "the one" with the help of my astrologer.

All in all, it was a smooth and pretty exhilarating experience. From the sign-up to the after-service experience, the experts at Kasamba made sure I was satisfied throughout. The payment method variety also allowed me to connect my PayPal account with the service instead of having to add my credit cards.

Best On-Site Experts

Golden Eye

Specializing in the most in-demand topics of religion and spiritual health, Golden Eye is a qualified expert who knows how to deal with multiple psychic tools. This expert has delivered nearly 29,000 solutions so far, which speaks volumes about the amount of trust that customers put in her abilities.

With a 5-star rating and low rates of $9.99 per minute, she is one of the most affordable gems you can find on Kasamba. So if you feel like you are not the captain of your ship and are going through tough times, reach out to her.


This one generally specializes in all types of psychic readings. So whether it's a burning question about your future, confusion about your stars, or a relationship problem, you can rely on her 30 years of professional experience.

Quietsound is a gifted professional who offers live chat, phone, and email psychic readings. She has also mastered nearly all psychic tools. So you can rest assured that your matters will be in good hands.

Reach out to her today for cheap readings starting from only $7.99 per minute. At this rate, it is really as good as it can get, especially when it’s a 5-star consultant.

Get expert-vetted psychic readings at Kasamba

2. Psychic Source - Easily Accessible Chat and Phone Psychic Readings

Psychic Source

Reasons to Choose

✅ Connection Method Variety (phone call, chat, email, and video call readings)

✅ Industry Experience of 30+ Years

✅ Quick Expert Finder Tool

✅ Tough Hiring Policy

✅ 24/7 Hotline

✅ 200+ Experts On Board

✅ Occasional Discounts and Deals

✅ 3 Free Minutes At $0 for New Users

✅ $1/Minute for New Users

Reasons to Skip

❌ Users May Have to Wait in Queue for Top Experts

❌ Costly for Video Consultations

Our Experience

My second ever experience with any occult services was with Psychic Source. This service has long been in existence as a hotline and is now an online service that provides readings in all the communication modes available.

Usually, online psychic readings are not like live readings as they lack the element of face-to-face interaction. Psychic Source eliminates this lack by providing video consultations at nearly the same or slightly higher costs.

My experience at their site was pretty hassle-free. To sign up, all you have to do is create an account using their website or simply call their hotline, and their customer service reps will handle it from there. They will even connect you to a certified specialist in the topic you are looking for.

Or, you can take charge and browse through their thoroughly classified categories on your own. These experts are classified into multiple classifications on the basis of the tools, gifts, abilities, communication methods, and specializations they have and use.

Overall, I found this site to be a delight to use. I didn’t find any red flags during my experience both the times I hired them for numerology and tarot readings.

Best On-Site Experts


Aviva is a clairvoyant who specializes in the topics of career, clairvoyance, and love life. She is one of the most sought-after experts on the platform, with a rating of 5 stars. She has delivered hundreds of readings so far on these topics, following a compassionate reading style.

According to her bio, she has experience of 31 years as a gifted psychic reader. She is a certified NLP practitioner and angel card reader who can help remove all the obstacles in your life by connecting with your frequency and letting the angels assist her. Her rates start from $0.66 per minute for new subscribers.


Specializing in the topics of energy healing and love life, Vanadis is a long-term and experienced psychic who uses crystals and tarots in her readings. She can also offer genuine readings without using any tools.

Vanadis's compassionate reading style and 31 years of experience have allowed her to get a rating of 5 stars on Psychic Source. So far, she has delivered hundreds of readings on the topics of grief, life path, family life, money, and love.

If you are someone who’s looking for energy healing services at affordable rates, reach out to Vanadis for only $0.66 per minute for new subscribers.

⇒ Sign up and get free trial readings at Psychic Source

3. Keen - Best Psychic Hotline and Spiritual Information Resource

Keen Psychics

Reasons to Choose

✅ 1700+ Industry Experts On Board

✅ Greatest Online Reputation

✅ 100% Confidential and Anonymous Consultations

✅ Cheap Readings At Only $1.99 for 10 Minutes

✅ No Automatic or Unauthorized Payments Charged on Your Payment Method

✅ Option to Schedule Later

✅ Industry Experience of 23 Years

✅ 24/7 Hotline for Phone Readings

Reasons to Skip

❌ High Rates for Top-Rated Psychics

❌ No Video Consultations

❌ No Email Consultations

Our Experience

When it comes to the best occult services, Keen is often considered the third runner-up, and for a good reason. I found Keen when I was searching for my horoscope. Little did I know that this platform offered a little more than that. It actually turned out to be one of the best psychic reading services online.

So I ended up signing up on the platform. Turns out, my decision was actually really good because this platform has delivered more than 35 million readings so far, which speaks volumes about its trustworthiness. It has an industry experience of nearly 23 years now in the industry. So you can rest assured that your concerns will be addressed by experts on your side.

The only drawback that I found about their service was that, unlike all the other services, they don't offer refunds in case of bad reading. So if you are not satisfied with a certain expert, there is no way to get your money back. They also have a mobile application. However, it is only available for iOS users. There is no way for Android users to get mobile readings.

Best On-Site Experts


Specializing in astrology, Grandmaster is one of the top-rated experts on the website, with a rating of 5 stars. This one has been operating on the platform since 2014 and is considered a fairly affordable expert, with rates starting from $3.22 per minute only.

This expert specializes in various other topics as well, including prosperity, LGBTQ and women issues, life path, money, breakups, divorce, and destiny-related topics. He uses Chinese and western astrology, Vedic and Mayan astrology, and cartomancy to deliver readings.

So if you are looking for readings delivered with the help of cosmic bodies, reach out to Grandmaster.

Natalie Michnya

With an experience of 21 years, Natalie has delivered more than 7000 readings on Keen so far. She has received nearly 5000 positive reviews with an average rating of 4.9 stars on the platform. So you can tell how great her reputation is on the website.

Natalie specializes in the topics of work life, love life, breakups and divorce, grief, and prosperity. She is a clairvoyant, a clairaudient, and a clairsentient who uses tarot cards to offer readings in an empathetic style. Natalie was born with psychic abilities and could tell things that no one could even predict. She later found out that her psychic predictions were actually a gift.

So if you are looking for expert help from someone who’s born with such abilities, reach out to Natalie for $2.77 per minute.

Click here to Hire Keen Experts for Psychic Help

4. AskNow - Best Online Psychic Readings On the Go

AskNow Psychics

Reasons to Choose

✅ Accurate Psychic Readings

✅ User-Friendly Platform

✅ Tough Hiring Policy for Experts

✅ 24/7 Customer Support Department

✅ 5 Free Minutes for New Users

✅ $1 Per Minute for New Users

✅ Massive Information

Reasons to Skip

❌ No Refunds for Unsatisfied Experience

❌ No Android App

❌ Limited Satisfaction Guarantee

❌ Expensive Advisors

Our Experience

Having been in operations for nearly 17 years now, AskNow is a good runner-up for new users who are looking for psychic services. Just like all the platforms discussed earlier, they offer beginner-friendly and affordable deals. However, they are only limited to low-rated advisors. If you want a reading from an expert advisor, you will need to pay for their rates.

Moreover, return customers do not get a satisfaction guarantee at Keen. It is only limited to new subscribers. Users have also complained about the platform’s poor focus on customer service, which results in many customers leaving.

However, it is worth checking this platform out by using the complimentary minutes you get as a new subscriber. Use the first five minutes you get for a free psychic reading to try out the different experts on their site.

Even if you are connected to a low-rated psychic online, you can still get a better idea of their services, how professional they are, how committed they are to offering a good experience to customers, and whether all the bad reviews about them online are true.

Best On-Site Experts

Guide Selena

With a solid 5-star rating and low rates of $9.99 per minute, Selena is a certified and expert psychic reader at AskNow. She has been practicing for over 29 years now and has delivered more than 44,000 readings so far, which is a huge number of solutions!

She is a certified and licensed healer, psychic, authentic tarot reader, and expert remote viewer who can see what others fail to notice. So if you want to know the in-depth details and get hidden messages revealed, Selena is the psychic to turn to.

She specializes in the categories of love life, finances, tarot reading, spiritual guidance, and finance. According to her, she has a compassionate reading style and offers surprisingly accurate readings that have helped her build the great reputation she has on the platform.

Psychic Lance

Lance is an incredibly experienced and top-tier professional on AskNow who has been in the industry for 48 years now and has delivered nearly 20,000 readings. So you can tell how qualified this expert must be in psychic reading services.

He has a per-minute rate of $8.99 and specializes in various topics, including astrology, spiritual guidance, money, career, and relationships. He has also been an Astrological Society of Hawaii member during the 1971s, during which he had the opportunity to serve hundreds of people with his expert services.

Lance has been frequented by yoga instructors, dentists, corporate executives, and celebrities to benefit from his qualifications and experience. He can improve your living conditions and solve all your problems with happiness and prosperity.

So if you are looking for a 5-star expert who is vouched for by customers, get in touch with Lance today, one of the best free psychics.

⇒ Click here to Talk to AskNow Professional Consultants

5. MysticSense - Best Rates for Cheap Psychic Readings

MysticSense Psychic Readings

Reasons to Choose

✅ 500 Experts on Board

✅ Connection Method Variety (phone call, chat, email, and video call readings)

✅ Support Hearing and Visually Impaired Users Accommodated

✅ 100% Confidential Readings

✅ 5 Free Minutes for New Users

✅ $1 Per Minute for New Users

✅ Tough Hiring Policy to Ensure Accuracy

Reasons to Skip

❌ No Mobile App Availability

❌ No Free Horoscopes

❌ Requires Minimum Deposit to Avail the Complimentary Offers

Our Experience

This is one of the most aesthetically-pleasing services for occult reading that provides not only professional occult services but also a satisfying user experience. But is this service better, on par, or below par than all the others discussed above?

Well, it is actually at or below par when compared to the services discussed above. For starters, they will ask you to deposit a certain amount in your account in order to avail of the complimentary offers. This would really discourage new users from joining as they will be in fear of losing their money.

Moreover, Mysticsense does not have a mobile app, which means that you can’t get readings on the go. So if you have to wait for an occult specialist to come online, you will need to wait on your desktop computer, which is really inconvenient.

Moreover, Mysticsense has a lesser variety of psychic reading categories as compared to sites like Kasamba and Psychic Source. Although they have a fair number of types, they may not be enough for all. However, these limited categories are very specifically labeled, i.e., social life, finding new love, toxic relationships, and more.

Additionally, many experts on Mysticsense also offer video consultations in addition to phone and chat consultations. So if you are someone who prefers an in-person interaction, you can always hire these consultants.

Best On-Site Experts

Greg Colt

Who better to get a reading from than a certified life coach who is also a psychic reader? This is very true in the case of Greg Colt, who is one of the top-rated experts on the platform. Greg specializes in family issues, lost objects, toxic relationships, LGBTQ relationships, cheating, breakup, money, career, and destiny topics.

He mainly uses life coaching as his psychic tool of choice, in addition to dream interpretation, cartomancy, tarot cards, meditation, and counseling. This certified expert brings a well-rounded approach to a psychic reading to help men and women everywhere and in every area of their lives.

Greg has a rating of 5 stars and has a direct reading style. His rates start from $3.79 per minute.

Psychic Vanessa

Specializing in spirituality and using a crystal ball as the psychic tool of choice, Vanessa deals in the topics of psychic medium readings, family problems, soulmates, energy healing, finding love, divorce and breakups, and money.

She also uses tarot cards, crystals, counseling, chakras, and tarot cards for psychic readings and has a compassionate reading style. So if you need help from a gifted clairvoyant who masters the art of tarot reading and is a spiritual consultant, get in touch with Vanessa today.

She has more than 15 years of experience and a rating of 5 stars on Mysticsense. Moreover, her rates only start from $2 per minute. Isn’t it really cheap for a 5-star rated professional? Do note this is not the discounted rate. You can get much cheaper readings if you are a first-time user.

Click here to Join a Consultation with MysticSense Professionals

Your Search for the Best Psychics Ends Here

We get it. Finding a professional who actually delivers what they claim is not easy. The search for a legit psychic online can be pretty tedious, daunting, and not always successful. Although I had someone to guide me toward the right platform and not waste time, that's not the case for everyone.

However, being awestruck by occult sciences, I took it upon myself to filter out all the fraudulent psychic reading websites online and shortlist the most real ones to help you out. All of the services listed above have been hired by me at least once to receive readings in one category or another.

So whether it's a work situation, a feud with your family, confusion in your relationships or married life, a misunderstanding, uncertainty about the future, or a question about your past life, the experts at these free psychic reading online businesses are one click away for a chat, video, or phone psychic reading to get you past your hurdles and move on with the help of the best psychics.

Psychic Readings Online — Frequently Asked Questions

Psychic Readings FAQs

Are Online Psychic Readings Easier than Live Readings?

If you have never consulted with an occult specialist before, you will not feel the difference between a live psychic reading and an online psychic reading. Even people who are accustomed to live readings find online psychic readings easier than live readings for many reasons.

For one, they can be employed any time of the day from any part of the world. It is pretty hard to find the best psychics in every city. In fact, you will notice that there are very limited real psychics operating in your area.

Moreover, any live psychics in your locality will be operating during business hours only. So if you are a working person, you will have to take off from your busy schedule to these psychics. And your visit may not even be worth it.

On the other hand, an online consultation with the best psychics can prove to be very fruitful as you have the choice to pick from thousands of specialists. Moreover, they are up for reading 24/7, so you are not restricted by time or location. What's more, you can even qualify for an affordable or complimentary reading if you register at their platform for the first time.

What Should I Ask in a Psychic Reading?

Anything and everything, honestly. Think of a psychic reader as a therapist who is gifted with heightened abilities. They use their elevated senses to reveal things. So you can basically turn to them about any and everything in your life, including your pet, lover, family, friend, boss, future, education, past life, and even a person who has passed away.

If you find yourself clueless about how to handle a certain situation, a psychic can help you. A few examples of the questions you can ask in a psychic reading include:

  • When will I get married?
  • Is my husband a cheater?
  • Does my crush have a crush on me?
  • Do my dreams mean something?
  • Is my pet trying to say something to me?
  • Which career is the right one for me?
  • Should I pick marketing as my major?
  • Is my partner afraid of commitment?
  • What will my future be like?
  • How many kids will I have?

These are just a few examples of the type of questions you can ask your expert.

Is a Psychic Medium the Same as a Psychic Reader?

No. Although many people think of the two as the same, there is a major dissimilarity between a mystical reader and a medium. Psychic mediums are the only occult specialists with access to the world of spirits.

In contrast, a mystical reader cannot get mixed up with the realm of spirits. They can only use their spiritual powers.

For instance, if you want to get in touch with a person who has died, you can only do so with the help of a psychic medium. That's because these specialists can get you access to their souls in the realm of the spirit.

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