5 Top Dogecoin Betting Sites | Best DOGE Sportsbooks Online 2023

10:07 AM, Jan 31, 2023

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Enjoy sports betting more with the best Dogecoin betting sites! Only some betting sites that accept Dogecoin offer fair and profitable sports betting opportunities.

ORDB specialists researched 106 websites to find versatile DOGE gambling sites. The result shows several Dogecoin sports betting hubs that can be useful for regular betting and major events alike. The list of the best Dogecoin betting sites includes…

  1. Cloudbet — Best Dogecoin Betting Site for All Purposes 🥇
  2. Stake — Best Dogecoin Betting Website for Betting Markets 🥈
  3. BCGame — Best for Promotions 🥉
  4. SportsBet — Best Crypto Gambling Hub for eSports 🖥️
  5. BetOnline — Best Dogecoin Gambling Site for Horse Races 🐎

Gamblers can also use extra bonuses at these Dogecoin gambling sites! ORDB VIP club gathers the best promos gamblers can use for Dogecoin games and sports wagers. With this hub of bonuses, your Dogecoin transactions will give you better boosts, and the gambling sites accepting DOGE will give you more perks for exclusive codes.

Also, finding online gambling site bonuses with ORDB costs $0. That is a free ticket to a collection of deposit bonuses, free spins, reload bonuses, and other boosts.

☑️Top 5 Best Dogecoin Gambling Sites: Experience the Best Dogecoin Gambling Sessions

What can the best Dogecoin gambling sites offer you? The following sportsbooks and casinos have Dogecoin games, live casino games, sports betting markets, bonuses like free spins, and many more positives you can use to your advantage.

Does that mean that the best Dogecoin gambling sites have no negatives? Unfortunately, no. There are still drawbacks and challenges with the top Dogecoin gambling sites. That is why we will disclose all details about these Dogecoin casinos…

1. Cloudbet — Best Dogecoin Betting Site for All Purposes 🥇



This best Dogecoin gambling site holds a standard Curacao license but deserves several crowns for its comprehensive work for gamblers. The Dogecoin sports betting section has many bet types and covers all sports events, from major things like League of Legends eSports tournaments to regular and meditative golf matches.

So, the crypto betting section is enough to let you bet on everything. Still, there is also its casino gambling site department with live dealer games, jackpot games, and many other gripping things. Given such versatility, no wonder that Cloudbet is among those crypto betting sites that have a stable pool of users who rate it to be 9/10.

What can this Dogecoin gambling site give you?

It is the #1 among DOGE betting sites in all aspects, meaning...

  • This Dogecoin gambling site is secure and encrypted: your information (if you do not choose to stay anonymous) and Dogecoin wallet details are under protection. 
  • This sports betting site has zero-margin sports bets! That means the Dogecoin gambling platform will not charge any fees when you withdraw. 
  • It has a significant deposit bonus that will be perfect for crypto gamblers. 
  • Regarding the casino section, 90% of all titles are provably fair games. 
  • There are great classic casino games in parallel with novelties. 
  • The crypto casino games include live dealer games from reputable providers, high-quality video slots (with in-game free spins and other bonuses), and legends like Aviator. 
  • There are also various video Poker options. 
  • Regarding VIP programs, there is a VIP opportunity at Cloudbet. That gives you extra perks as you advance. 



Cloudbet is not a standard gambling site. In contrast to other gambling companies, this Dogecoin sports betting hub has zero-margin sports bets, which ensures you do not lose a cent of your winnings.

Cloudbet has enhanced odds for several top events like NBA, NCAAM, MLB, etc. They are close to the regular odds you will see on other Dogecoin gambling sites, but zero margins improve the situation.

Only some select events have close-to-zero margins, which is still better than other Dogecoin gambling websites offer.

Betting options

Moneylines, Totals, Overs/Unders, Futures, Prop bets — choose any betting option at Cloudbet. The Dogecoin gambling website is versatile in this regard, too.


The bonus reward system gives Cloudbet users a universe of gambling opportunities. There is a sports bonus with a bet multiplier, but most promotions are more useful for casino games.

  • The welcome boost can give gamblers up to 5 Bitcoins
  • The online casino gives you free spins with an X25 wagering requirement every Tuesday. 
  • Cashback for Baccarat games.
  • Exclusive slot games tournaments
  • Comprehensive VIP program. 

2. Stake — Best Dogecoin Betting Website for Betting Markets🥈



Not so many Dogecoin online casinos function in the USA. Although licensed (by Curacao), Stake used to be another unreachable website among good DOGE gambling sites that did not work in this region. The Stake US version is now available, and so are its crypto gambling opportunities and perks.

What differentiates Stake from many online casinos for crypto gambling?

  • Stake has all possible betting markets. 
  • If you deposit Dogecoin, all transactions are instant. 
  • This best gambling site is great for Poker games, given its strong Rakeback offer. 
  • Stake has many great Dogecoin Blackjack games. 
  • Overall, provably fair games, regardless of the casino section. 
  • It has replaced all deposit bonuses with daily races, massive giveaways, and tournaments. 
  • Multilingual support. 


Stake has achieved balance with the odds. It has slightly enhanced odds for some teams but gives less for others.

Betting options

Like Cloudbet, Stake has all possible betting options, including live betting ones.


Stake gives you a 10% Rakeback (code: GET10BACKBONUS).

Stake Rakeback Code: How To Activate Rakeback on Stake

While DOGE gambling sites impose deposit bonus packs with free spins and reload bonuses, Stake chooses promotions that do not require wagering and extra moves in slot games or other entertainment titles. So, you can say that it is also the best crypto poker sites for tournaments, exclusive events, giveaways, and other perks most Dogecoin casinos cannot afford.

3. BCGame — Best for Promotions 🥉



BCGame is another great and licensed betting-casino combination on the award-winning Dogecoin betting sites list. It has a good welcome bonus, high-quality Dogecoin casino games, high-RTP slot games, and other positives traditional gambling sites lack.

How does BCGame stand out from DOGE gambling websites?

  • Free bets! Even some of the best gambling sites rarely have those. 
  • The online gambling center gives free bet tickets for NBA, NFL, and other major events. 
  • It has a great welcome bonus. 
  • It hosts many high-RTP Dogecoin gambling games of all categories. 
  • Provably fair games. 
  • The support is very responsive and efficient. 
  • Your Dogecoin wallet information is safe and secure because the website contributes significantly to safety. 



Other Dogecoin betting websites fail to have double-chance bets, but BCGame offers those — and provides enhanced odds. The website appreciates both favorites and underdogs and gives high odds for both options.

Betting options

BCGame is perfect for double-chance sports bets, but you can also place other bets. The live betting option is also not a problem.


  • The exclusive bonus gives you a 180% Bonus with a promo code "bonusordb" — please note you must use this link to get it because this promotion is limited. 
  • 1st deposit bonus — max 270%
  • 2nd deposit bonus — max 300%
  • 3rd deposit bonus — max 330%
  • 4th deposit bonus — max 360%
  • Lucky Spins give you a random cash prize in crypto
  • Rakeback (yet again, that makes BCGame a perfect choice for Poker games)
  • Task hub gives you rewards for small tasks. That is a unique bonus offer other gambling sites will not have in their bonus section. So far, BCGame is the only option among Dogecoin online casinos with such an unusual perk. 
  • Tournaments and special events
  • VIP program. 

4. SportsBet — Best Crypto Gambling Hub for eSports 🖥️



SportsBet is a 10/10 crypto gambling and sports betting choice of all Dogecoin gambling sites. Licensed and controlled by the Curacao authority, it is a transparent sportsbook with various crypto payment options.

If you know no Dogecoin gambling sites with more than nine stars on AskGamblers… Now you know one. It holds an extra award — "Players' choice 2019" — from this independent casino reviewer.

How is this sports betting site different from other online gambling sites?

  • This Dogecoin gambling site's reputation is impeccable…
  • Of course, it will accept Dogecoin, but there are also other altcoins casinos it works with 
  • The online casino section has provably fair games from top software providers
  • It has a massive welcome bonus that will be perfect for crypto holders 
  • The website fully supports the principles of responsible gambling; it keeps all guests safe with innovative methods and anti-addiction mechanisms 
  • 10/10 live casino games. 

Also, it has a sports analytics channel on YouTube!

EPL Preview | 2.01 | Arsenal vs Newcastle United | Chelsea vs Manchester City | Everton vs Brighton



SportsBet has great odds for favorites and underdogs alike. Some teams will have more or less. Still, SportsBet is amazing for any bet type and sports betting decision you prefer.

Betting options

SportsBet is novice-friendly but also has narrowly focused markets for those who are 99% accurate with their predictions.


SportsBet has a long page of promotions, with an equilibrium between sports betting boosts and additional resources for casino games. There is an exclusive promo: Win your share of 2 MILLION USDT.

You can also pinpoint free bets, multi-bet multipliers, special monthly boosts, perks for the game of the week, etc.

It is advisable to monitor this bonus section systematically because new promos appear, appear, and appear. Also, there is a great VIP program.

5. BetOnline — Best Dogecoin Gambling Site for Horse Races 🐎



BetOnline is one of the older online gambling websites with a solid reputation. It also has a casino site with several online casino games. Still, it emphasizes the epicness and thrill of sports clashes and dynamic tournaments.

BetOnline Sports Betting How to Place A Bet

What differentiates BetOnline from alternative crypto gambling sites?

  • Your Dogecoin wallet can get significantly fatter with the enhanced odds this sportsbook offers!
  • DOGE gambling games of different categories can entertain you for the whole session. 
  • The casino site is mobile-friendly but is also 100% convenient when you use a PC. 
  • The deposit bonus is overall good, yet, the deposit bonus becomes better when you deposit with cryptocurrencies! So, you get additional boost percentages for the same T&C. 
  • The CRYPTO100 code gives you a crypto deposit bonus for casino games. 
  • It has nice reload bonuses. 
  • The bonus system is bigger than many other Dogecoin gambling platforms offer. 



Betonline is a good option. It has balance and enhanced odds for some teams. Underdog odds could be better, but the sportsbook is still a 9.5/10. Moreover, if you prioritize the favorites, BetOnline is for you.

Betting options

Like all the listed best Dogecoin casinos and sportsbooks, BetOnline lets you bet in every manner possible. There are safe bets for novice sports bettors and precise ones for the betting masters. Of course, live betting options are available.


The 50% deposit bonus is nice, although other best Dogecoin gambling sites have more solid welcome bonus offers. Still, remember that the deposit bonus is enhanced for crypto users automatically.

Besides the welcome bonus for sports, a casino welcome bonus (100%) will help you with online casino games.

Pinpoint the reload bonuses! The fiat reload deposit bonus is 25%, but it turns 35% when you deposit with crypto.

DOGE for Gambling: The Situation 🗺️🐶


Doge betting and Dogecoin casinos in the US

The US is mostly open to gambling activities. Still, the situation varies depending on the state. Only some states (for instance, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Iowa, and Indiana) permit all gambling activities, including online ones.

Even though the gambling industry has yet to obtain the right to exist in more states, the functioning sector has already brought $54.93 billion in revenue to the US — Forbes.

Regarding Dogecoin casinos and altcoin gambling centers, no direct law prohibits such entertainment. Still, it is safer to play at crypto casinos only if you reside in a state that does not have anything against fiat and crypto casinos.

In a state against land-based and online casinos, crypto casinos will likely be problematic, although no law can support actions against users who play casino games. Still, it is essential to check the law to ensure you can play casino games at online casinos (if that is the case, there should be zero issues with playing casino games at Dogecoin casinos).

How many people use DOGE for betting and gambling?

Dogecoin: Explained

Given that Dogecoin casinos are still a rarity, not that many sports bettors choose this cryptocurrency for betting.

According to Bankless Times, there are around 4 million DOGE holders. Most have only some Dogecoin assets and do not use those for gambling sites that accept cryptocurrencies. Only 535 DOGE holders are Dogecoin billionaires.

According to NCPG, 2 million US adults are gamblers, while the global gambling industry says around 26% of the planet's population gambles.

Nevertheless, we must emphasize that many more people play casino games.

With crypto technology advancement, more people use casino games for various purposes (mostly entertainment and money-making), as blockchain gives them greater gambling opportunities and guaranteed anonymity.

There is still no accurate information about how many people use this particular crypto for gambling activities. We may only suppose that several thousand (170-340) DOGE holders gamble their assets in Dogecoin casinos.

Advantages of Dogecoin betting and gambling

Why seek a Dogecoin casino when BTC casinos already exist? Several things might make you switch to a Dogecoin casino! Here are the benefits of DOGE gambling and betting.

Fast transactions

BTC now serves as a valid digital currency. DOGE, in turn, remains a less popular means of the economy for several reasons. Yet, DOGE is fully-functional and is actively used for financial operations. Of course, it is also useful for entertainment, like the crypto gambling sites.

The Dogecoin network is much faster and processes a new block of transactions in one minute, meaning it can process a block in only ten minutes. So, DOGE is your choice if you want almost instant transactions.


Unlike BTC and other major cryptos, DOGE does not have that many resources to function. That lets DOGE holders cut their expenses on fees and commissions.

Strong security and no unwanted onlookers

DOGE is decentralized (of course), meaning it stores information in a manner that does not let alien parties intrude into the system and get your data. That also means gamblers are 100% safe from observers like banks, which might create extra challenges if they label a gambler.

Meme capitalization and huge support

DOGE is the #1 meme coin that fuels public support, while public support fuels it. Your finances are safe as long as the Ouroborous of meme culture functions.

It might seem like an insufficient means of currency support. Yet, note that we live in the informational era, where data, info, and sentiment determine more than they used to. Moreover, this component is not the sole thing that helps DOGE work. That is an addition to the whole kit of things, making it a great cryptocurrency to use and gamble with.

Additional benefits

Given that gamblers prioritize BTC and ETH for gambling, using DOGE in the best Dogecoin casinos is a rarity. That, in turn, has extra positives!

  • The withdrawals at the best litecoin casinos are instant or, at least, fast. 
  • The best Dogecoin casinos create more beneficial promos to attract more DOGE gamblers. A sports-focusing Dogecoin casino can offer free bets, zero-margin sports bets, and bet revenue multipliers. 
  • The support at the best Dogecoin casinos works perfectly to ensure 100% efficiency and good customer service. 
  • Welcome bonus offers at Dogecoin casinos get better (of course, to attract more players first and foremost; still, who says you cannot use it to your advantage?). For instance, a big deposit-centered Dogecoin welcome bonus will also have many free spins in the pack. Or, there will be free spins + great cashback. 
  • Dogecoin casinos strive to collect the best casino games slots (poker games, roulettes, etc. — in brief, casino games of all categories) and keep their collections fresh. 

How to Buy DOGE for Casino Games and Betting? 💳


Several methods let gamblers obtain DOGE for casino games and betting. If a Dogecoin casino lets you buy cryptos instantly on the website, you can use their exchange to start playing/betting immediately. If no in-casino exchange is available, gamblers can get DOGE following these steps!

1. Compare crypto exchanges and choose the best one

Many crypto exchanges work 24/7 and offer the best cryptos for gambling! Of course, Binance and Coinbase are the #1 considerations. Still, there are also useful options like Kraken, KuCoin, Gate.io, UpHold, etc.

Note that Coinbase is the most reliable choice if you want to buy DOGE for USD directly. Other exchanges either demand USDT or BTC to complete your DOGE exchange.

Also, there might be hidden fees and commissions. Coinbase has several hidden fees which can cut your money significantly. Kraken and KuCoin can be good alternatives if Conibase fees are too high for you. The same thing with alternative casinos.

2. Create an account


We will explain how to buy DOGE using Coinbase, but you can choose any other exchange. The purchase process can be simple. Still, please ensure you have read the instructions on how to buy DOGE with a particular app.

Creating a Coinbase account is simple. You either register on its official website or download an application. Coinbase asks for your ID! It will also demand your address. Depending on your region, it will take from ten seconds to a couple of minutes to make your account functional.

3. Add a prioritized payment method

Coinbase works with debit cards and bank accounts. Select any payment you think is convenient, and it will likely work.

4. Start a trade and select DOGE

There must be a "Buy&Sell" button — tap it. If you use the mobile version, the necessary button will be "+ Buy" (it must be in the Home section).

Scroll until you see DOGE or text it into the search bar. That will direct you to the DOGE purchase page. You are almost there!

5. Enter the number of DOGEs you need and buy

Whatever currency you convert into DOGE, specify how much you are willing to exchange, and the system automatically converts that amount into DOGE. You can tap arrows to adjust the money if the final result is more/less DOGE than you want.

Do not rush to buy, though. There must be a "Preview buy" button — tap it to see all the details and ensure that you are satisfied with the future purchase. Buy only after taking that extra second to check if everything is alright!

6. You have done it!

You must see the final confirmation screen. That is it! If you see that screen, that means your purchase is confirmed and is under process. The DOGE will soon appear in your account (it might take a minute).

How to Find the Best Dogecoin Sportsbooks? 🧐

Best Dogecoin Casinos In 2022 – Your Ultimate Guide to Dogecoin Gambling

The mentioned Dogecoin casino sportsbook combos have licenses and top-notch software solutions to ensure your gambling success. Still, gamblers may demand more, and that is okay. For instance, you might want a betting dApp (decentralized betting application).

Moreover, you should also check all the necessities, even when professionals have already tested a sportsbook/casino. So, here is the ORDB's action plan for evaluating another gambling center.

1. Legality and T&C check is the first thing to do

Any Dogecoin sportsbook must have a license. If a website does not show an official document from at least Curacao, it might be a scam or a very unfair website. What happens when you bet at an unlicensed sportsbook?

  • The website can gather your information and sell it (it is not the worst scenario if it sells your information for marketing services. Yet, if other parties get your information, it can be detrimental). 
  • The website can have T&Cs that make the gambling experience unenjoyable and unprofitable for guests. For instance, the website will have fake odds and will not give you what it promises. 
  • The bonuses will be there to attract you, but the T&Cs will make them unusable. For instance, the welcome bonus will be massive, but its wagering will be X70, and you will only have an opportunity to wager it in bad games and have zero resources for sports betting.
  • The website can confiscate your winnings if you succeed. 

Hence, your priority must be a Dogecoin gambling website with clear T&Cs and transparent functioning controlled by an authority. If a sportsbook has more than one license and a couple of rewards, that is a green flag!

2. Compare odds

Filter the licensed websites you think are good for sports betting by comparing their odds. Remember that there must be balance! The super-high odds are unrealistic, but enhanced ones are never odd.

3. See if there are enough betting options for your playstyle

Websites with many betting options are always better because bettors usually make several bets. A website with some safe and beginner-friendly betting options can be a green flag. Of course, there must be more challenging betting options for pro gamblers.

4. Check for bonuses and boosts

There must be some form of a welcome bonus. As a rule, sportsbooks make a welcome bonus that works for the casino department. So, you will likely see perks like free spins and deposit percentages.

Only sports-centered websites like SportsBet and BetOnline have many promotions for sports. They still have free spins and other casino perks, but there are also sports-focused promotions.

The best sports bonus is Cloudbet's. Zero-margin sports bets let you get your winnings unchanged because no fees cut it. BCGame is another great gambling hub with a long list of sports promos that become even more useful during epic events.

5. Evaluate the Help Center

Check for FAQs, sportsbook contact information, and blogs. Gambling topics always lack elucidation! That is a nice option if a sportsbook contributes informationally and answers 75% of questions gamblers usually have.

6. Read reviews

Professional reviewers and opinion hubs like Reddit cover topics related to gambling activities. Some reviewers focus only on sports betting and casino activities, and it is always useful to check for their expertise.

AskGamblers, Sitejabber, and Trustpilot are great for reviews.


What are the best sportsbook bonuses? 

The best sportsbook bonuses are zero-margin sports bets, bet multipliers, and deposit boosts. There can also be event-centered perks. For instance, BCGame always has great bonuses for NFL, NBA, FIFA, and other major sports tournaments.

How can I make more money: with sports betting or casino games? 

Gambling for money-making for living is challenging. Please note that both options have their advantages and challenges. Sports betting can be profitable only in some seasons when there are games you comprehend profoundly. If you are a versatile sports expert, you might be profitable for the whole year. Still, all wagers still demand deep analysis.

Casino games can be skill-based and RNG (luck)-based. Casino games can be very rewarding if you are persistent. Still, some casino game cons include addictive nature and demanding systems. For example, to hit the jackpot, you either have to be super lucky or spend 100K DOGE or more before you get a reward (and the multiplier can be low).

Is crypto gambling prohibited in the US? 

The US states have different visions regarding gambling. Some states have legalized gambling fully. Some states permit land-based casinos/sports betting entertainment but are against online ones. If a state has legalized online gambling, crypto gambling is permitted automatically. States that ban online gambling will likely prohibit crypto casinos, too.

Final Words 👋

The epic events are starting soon! You have the 5 best sportsbooks that accept Dogecoin assets. Use their promos, make wise bets, and enjoy the matches to the maximum!

Please remember the responsible gambling principles. Everything must be good if your betting strategy does not harm your mental health and finances. Best of luck, and may you find great odds that make you rich!


Gambling activities are for people who are over 18.

Please note that you might not have access to some sportsbooks we have listed.

Remember that you play and bet at your own risk. All decisions you make during gambling are your responsibility. Here are the responsible gambling principles — please stick to them.

Do not hide if you or another person you know has a gambling problem challenge. Many organizations assist gamblers who have problems with gambling entertainment. Here are FREE resources that deal with gambling challenges.

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