Best Chat Lines for Free Adult Chat in 2023

5:38 PM, Apr 03, 2023
5:38 PM, Apr 03, 2023
Best Chat Lines

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Ready to spice things up and explore your wild side in 2023? Then you'll want to check out our list of the best chat lines to try this year. 

Whether you're looking for some naughty fun, a steamy encounter, or a long-term partner, these phone chat lines offer a tantalizing way to connect with other adults.

Let us take you on a journey of passion and desire with the best chat lines to try in 2023.

Here they are.

Best Chat Lines To Chat With Strangers, Reviewed

First Look

  1. Livelinks (866-951-0726)—Best chat lines overall
  2. Talk 121 (866-838-5613)—Experience the party chatlines
  3. Red Hot Dateline (855-382-1310)—Best chat lines for phone sex 
  4. Tango Personals (855-209-7872)—Efficient voicemail phone chat lines
  5. Free Chat Girls (877-889-1209)—Best chat lines for fetishes
  6. TalktoMe (1-800-825-5866)—Excellent call and texting options
  7. Mega Mates (1-888-634-2628)—LGBTQ+ friendly chat line
  8. Masturline (1-800-750-7399)—Easy to use for phone sex
  9. Lavalife (1-800-747-9022)—Chatline that offers online dating
  10. Nightline (1-877-834-4044)—Best free chat lines offer

1. Livelinks (866-951-0726)—Best Chat Lines Overall


  • Free chat lines for women
  • 30-minute trial for men
  • Best for talking to local singles
  • Good for different types of dating


  • Best chat lines in U.S. and Canada only
  • There are more male callers


  • 10 minutes for $4.99
  • 30 or 32 minutes for $9.99 to $10.50 (depending on your location) 
  • 120 minutes for $29.99

Livelinks is one of the most popular and best chat lines in the U.S. and Canada that allows people to connect with other individuals in their local area. It’s been a great way to meet people on the phone since 1990 and has chatlines in over 1,500 cities in North America.

A factor that sets Livelinks apart from other picks in this best chat lines list, is that this platform is always free for women, while men can meet singles by purchasing affordable minute packages. 

Payments can be made with debit/credit cards, PayPal, and Cash with Western Union.

You can check the local number you can call at the Livelinks website. 

Once you do, you’ll be asked to register and make a payment. You’ll then have to record your phone greeting so other callers can find you. After that, you can listen to local greetings and respond to them. 

One of the reasons why Livelinks is considered the #1 pick among chatlines is because it offers a safe and secure environment for people to connect. 

All phone chats at Livelinks are 100% private and unmonitored

On top of that, Livelinks verifies all of its users to ensure that they are genuine, which helps prevent fraud and fake profiles. There are also no paid operators who are only after making you pay for more minutes.

Whether you're looking for a casual fling or something more serious, Livelinks has got you covered.

Click here to meet local singles and real connections even over the phone.


2. Talk121 (866-838-5613)—Best Chatlines Choice for Party Lines


  • Experience party chatlines
  • Good for meeting local singles
  • Great for short and long-term dating
  • Easy to find local numbers


  • Only has chatlines in the U.S.
  • No pricing info on the website


  • 30 minutes for $14.99
  • 105 minutes for $29.99
  • 215 minutes for $44.99

Talk121 is a US-only chatline that allows members to chat on a party line. So you can get your imagination wild with what you can do with the party line feature— the more, the merrier, right?

It’s one of the best free chat lines for women since they don’t have to pay anything.

Men, on the other hand, can get a 30-minute free trial after registration. This allows people to try the service before they commit to a paid subscription, which is a great way to get a feel for the platform and see if it's right for them.

With a party chatline, your chances of finding couples willing to have a good time with you are also pretty good. It’s a great way to explore something wild if you’re feeling up for it.

We had to dig a bit to find how much the minute packages cost since this info isn’t available on the site. 

This could mean that rates are subject to change, but what’s certain is that new male callers can get an exclusive offer on their first purchase.

Have multiple people on the chatline at Talk121 by clicking here.

Red Hot Dateline

3. Red Hot Dateline (855-382-1310)—Intimate Chat Line Experience


  • Offers free trial
  • Promo for first-time members
  • Purchase minutes on the website
  • Has a loyalty program


  • Free chat line minute amount is inconsistent 
  • Not for long-term dating


  • 10 minutes for $4.99
  • 20 minutes for $9.99
  • 60 minutes for $29.99

Phone sex isn’t dead, and it’s still a great way to have an entertaining cold night. If you love sexy time over the phone, Red Hot Dateline is easily one of the best options out there.
You can register over the phone, but you have the option to create an online profile so you can easily purchase minutes even while you’re on a call.

Payment options include debit/credit cards, PayPal, check by phone, cash with Western Union, and prepaid credit cards.

Women can use the best free chat lines without paying Red Hot Dateline, while also having the option to buy minutes to access the men’s best free chat lines. 

Men will have to buy minute packages to use the service.

If you’re craving meaningful connections, you might want to look elsewhere. Chatline members at Red Hot Dateline are mostly looking for intimacy — the type that could satisfy them in the bedroom.

Click here to sign up at Red Hot Dateline and have an intimate chatline experience.


4. Tango Personals (855-209-7872)—Efficient Free Phone Chat for Women


  • Half-price packages for new members
  • 13 years of unmatched reputation
  • Diverse and high-quality chatline users
  • Has a free chatline


  • Outdated website


  • 10 minutes for $4.99
  • 64 minutes for $10.50
  • 90 minutes for $29.99

Another one of the best chat lines you shouldn’t miss out on is Tango Personals.
One of the main advantages of this platform is its user base. The platform has a large and diverse user base, which means that there are plenty of people to connect with at any time of day or night. This makes it easy for users to find someone who shares their interests and is looking for a similar type of connection.

It’s suitable for people looking for something casual and maybe even more. There are also fewer prank callers who’ll just waste your minutes.

This may not be ideal for people looking for phone sex lines since members here are mostly looking for someone they can connect with. The outdated website can be a turn-off but don’t worry; it’s a legit chatline with a lot of members.

Tango Personals is available in over a thousand cities across North America, and new members get a discount on their first purchase. 

In addition, depending on where you call from—you can get the best free chat lines for a certain amount of time before you decide to pay.

Meet genuine people near you or in other states at TangoPersonals now.


5. FreeChatGirls (877-889-1209)—Best Free Chat Lines for Fetishes


  • Good for hookups
  • Caters to fetishes
  • Affordable minute rates
  • Bonus minutes for new members


  • Not for long-term dating
  • Website looks outdated


  • 30 minutes for $14.99
  • 105 minutes for $29.99
  • 215 minutes for $44.99

There are sexual desires that not everyone can understand, and if you want to avoid the awkwardness of someone finding your bedroom kink odd, go for FreeChatGirls’ chatline free numbers. 
This platform caters to all preferences, including kinks and fetishes. It offers the best chat lines where you can meet fantasy girls, and women operators to fulfill your wildest sexual desires. 

It’s a chatline free number for women, but men can call the free chatlines trial number, 509-676-1398, allowing them to try the service before committing.

The free chatline trial minutes vary and depend on your location. 

You can access the phone sex lines for 5, 10, 30, or 60 minutes. Note that the local numbers are VoIP numbers, so it’s best to call the 509 numbers listed on the site for a better experience since those are landlines.

New members will get up to 75 additional minutes on their first purchase that they can use on any fetish chatlines. 

Overall, FreeChatGirls is an excellent choice among users who are looking for a safe and discreet way to explore their desires.

Click here to call FreeChatGirls for an SOP experience like no other.


6. TalktoMe (1-800-825-5866)—Best Chat Line Numbers With Texting


  • Good for phone sex and sexting
  • Low minute rates
  • Get up to $20 free credits
  • Chatline users have online profiles


  • Support can be improved
  • Some online profiles have no photos


  • Basic—$20/mo
  • Premium—$40/mo
  • Ultimate VIP—$80/mo

TalkToMe is what you get if the best phone chat lines have a baby with OnlyFans.

The best way to use this is by going online first so you can browse through the profiles of men and women you can call. It’s always nice to know what your chatline partner looks like, so that’s something you can get from TalkToMe.

When you view profiles, you’ll see how much members will be charging per minute.

Some members of the site allow mobile texting, so you can get down and dirty with messaging. On top of that, the site also allows members to sell content, so you can purchase photos and videos to see more from your favorite member.

There’s a good chance that you can get sex video chat here because there are also members accepting such requests, which you can pay per minute.

TalkToMe also offers gay chatlines with men, transexuals, lesbians, and shemales.

Click here to find a chatline partner you can also text anytime.

Mega Mates

7. Mega Mates (1-888-634-2628)—Best Gay Chatlines


  • Has straight and gay chatlines
  • Modern website design
  • Send unlimited voice messages
  • Affordable chatlines


  • Some members may not be up for phone sex
  • Calls may be monitored
  • No chatline free numbers


  • 24-hour plan—$11.99
  • 1 week—$19.99
  • 1 week bonus—$29.99
  • 1 month—$39.99
  • Best value—$69.99

MegaMates is perfect for people looking for someone they can have meaningful conversations. It’s a revolutionary chatline because of features like matchmaking and voice recognition. 

That’s something that some of the best chat lines don’t offer.

While it doesn’t have chatline free numbers you can call like some of the best free chat lines above, at least it lets you send unlimited voice messages and accept live chat invites for free.

If you’re interested in someone and they happen to have Direct Connect enabled, you can call them anytime. This feature lets you know if a member is available for a call 24/7

MegaMates also use a matching system, so you’ll find it easier to get matches that make sense.

We especially like that MegaMates, like most of the best chat lines available today, offers straight, lesbian, and gay chatlines.

Click here to join MegaMates and know what a modern chatline should be like!


8. Masturline (1-800-750-7399)—Easy to Use Phone Sex Line


  • Made for phone sex
  • Reasonable minute rates
  • No paid operators
  • Great for single people
  • Browse through greetings, record your own


  • Website needs TLC
  • Needs a longer free trial


  • 10 minutes for $9.99
  • 60 minutes for $19.99
  • 120 minutes for $39.99
  • 200 minutes for $50
  • 475 minutes for $95

The name of this chatline alone tells you it’s where you can turn to on lonely nights. 
This is also a great choice if you’re looking for phone sex lines. The availability of minute packages could depend on your location, but the most you can purchase is 475 minutes

Since they do not employ operators, you’ll be connected to real people and the minutes will start ticking after the 5-minute free trial. But apart from this, you won’t get much else, compared to other picks for the best free chat lines.

Listening to greetings will also consume your minutes, so that’s quite a downside. 

But the price per minute is relatively lower compared to other chat line numbers, so you won’t be strapped for cash after a session.

The website itself could do with some bug fixes and refurbishing, still, it’s a legit chatline. Let’s just hope they update their website ASAP.

Masturline will delete your account if you haven’t used their services for over 90 days. Make sure to use your minutes before they’re gone.

Click here to find horny people in your area with Masturline.


9. Lavalife (1-800-747-9022)—Best Chat Line Numbers for Online Dating


  • Modern website 
  • Has an online dating alternative
  • Know how many are available right now
  • Offers live chat support


  • Doesn’t accept e-wallets
  • Could be more expensive in certain states


  • 65 minutes for $29.00
  • 270 minutes for $99
  • 440 minutes for $74.50

You might have heard of Lavalife if you’ve been on the online dating scene. It’s an online dating site and app, but it also has phone chat lines you can call. 
When you call the Lavaline hotline, you’ll be directed to the Lavalounge, where you can instantly find all members you can connect with. Before entering the Lavalounge, you’ll be asked to record a greeting so others can find you.

You also have the option to go through the greetings of members who aren’t at the Lavalounge at the moment so you can send an invite.

Note that pricing may change based on your location. For example, in some states, members pay a lower amount and get 70 minutes for $74.50.

If you just can’t find anyone on the chatline, you can switch to using Lavalife’s online dating platform, which also has many quality members.

Click here to find your local Lavalife number and find a date now.


10. Nightline (1-877-834-4044)—Lots of Free Chat Line Numbers


  • Men get 60 free chatline minutes
  • 50 percent off on the first purchase
  • Has a mobile app for free chat
  • Good for casual fun


  • The website has annoying ads
  • On the pricier side


  • 20 minutes for $9.99
  • 160 minutes for $49.00
  • 420 minutes for $99.00

Nightline sounds exactly what it is. It’s the best chatline to call in the middle of the night for some casual fun, but you can still find members here looking for something more.
Women can use the best free chat lines without paying, but men can take advantage of the 60-minute free trial. That one-hour phone call can surely come a long way and can be so worth it. If you want more of that experience, you’ll need to get minute packages, of course.

It’s a decent chatline overall, but the website could use some improvement. It also doesn’t help that it has lots of annoying ads. To avoid them, use the Nightline app instead. You can find local numbers from there and find someone up for a text chat.

Nightline’s text chat app feature is also free for women, while men can get a free trial.

Become a member at Nightline and find a company on a chilly night by clicking here.

Best Free Chat Line Numbers - Runner-Ups

Best Chat Lines for Free Phone Chat FAQs

What Are Chat Line Numbers?

Chat line numbers are service numbers you can call to meet new people or have some casual fun. It was a popular type of dating before the era of online dating, but it seems like it’s making a comeback because more people are using it again. 

Do Phone Chat Lines Work?

Yes, phone chat lines work, and some people find it a more exciting way to date. So, if you’re sick and tired of completing online dating profiles only to find no one you’re interested in, then this is something you might want to try next.

Is it Safe to Use the Best Chat Lines?

Yes, it’s safe to use the best chat lines because most of them allow members to stay anonymous. Many of the best chat lines also don’t monitor calls, so you never have to be careful of what you want to say. That doesn’t mean you can be a baddie and use it for prank calls, though.

What is the Hottest Phone Sex Line in America?

The hottest phone sex line in America right now is Livelinks. It’s the best chat line option if you’re looking for something short-term or long-term. So whether it’s just one of those lonely nights or you’re dealing with a lonely life, Livelinks can help you fix that.

Talk121 and Red Hot Dateline are also great alternatives. Both have free chatline trial offers and quality members—no paid operators stringing you along for them dollar bills.

Can I Use a Sex Chatline for Free?

Yes, you can use a sex chatline for free. Chatlines like Red Hot Dateline and Free Chat Girls offer free chatline trials to new members. There are also chatlines like Tango Personals that will give you free chatline minutes on your first subscription.

Can I Ask the Chat Line Operator for Photos or to Meet Up?

No, you can’t ask the chat line operators for photos or meet up unless the chatline rules specify that you can. Many users on the best chat lines want to remain anonymous for a reason, so it’s not a good idea to ask for photos and to meet up right away.

Does that mean you can never meet someone you truly connected with? Not really. It all depends on how your conversations go. Although, some sites like TalkToMe let members upload photos and videos they can sell.

Can I Request a Sex Video Chat?

No, you can’t request a sex video chat when talking to chatline members unless there’s a dedicated app available. You can try TalkToMe if that’s what you’re after since it also has a web call feature where you can video sex with members.

Can I Bring Up My Fetishes to the Chat Line Operator?

Whether you can bring your fetishes to the chat line operator depends on the chatline you’re calling. FreeChatGirls is your best option if you want someone to be honest with regarding your kinks. 

If you’ll be picking a different chatline, you may want to get a feel for whether the person you’re talking to will be up for it. If not, learn to respect their boundaries and move on to another topic.

Are Sex Chats on a Phone Line Cheaper than Dating Apps?

Sex chats on a phone line can be cheaper than dating apps. It depends on how often you use it. It could be more expensive if you’ll be calling other chatline members multiple times daily. 

We consider both phone chat lines and the best dating apps an opportunity for you to find your soulmate. If you’re okay with spending some cash, then it’s up to you to choose the method that suits you best.

Are Gay Chat Lines Better Than Gay Dating Apps?

Whether gay chat lines are better than gay dating apps generally boils down to what you want to showcase about yourself to the public—think of it as a way of showing your dating green flags

Are you a good listener? Try the best gay chat lines and charm your way into the hearts of queer men. Are you looking for

Best Chat Lines To Flirt For Free - The Verdict

You can now put those forgotten phone minutes into use and have a great time meeting new people on chatlines. From the best free chat lines to excellent gay chat lines, you can find any fantasy out there.

It’s not exactly a new way to socialize without leaving your home, but it’s still an effective way to put yourself out there. Livelinks is the ultimate choice to get worthwhile connections with its diverse and large user base in North America.

Talk121 is also great for party lines and exploring with couples. Meanwhile, Red Hot Date is what you should dial first instead if you’re looking for SOP. 

Whatever it is you’re doing on online dating sites, you can also enjoy chatlines. It’s just more intriguing and thrilling because your imagination can go wild without knowing what your chatline mate looks like.

Hope you enjoy your first call!

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