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Family-run goat farm to soon open in Church Point

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In Church Point, one family is turning their home into a goat dairy farm.

"We were like, 'Let's try this.' We started out with one goat, and I started milking her, and the kids loved the milk," said Carlyn Shirley, a stay-at-home mother of two who decided to create her own business.

The idea went from that: one goat just for their family and friends to now 13 goats and counting for their new business, ICCR Dairy Farm.

"It's for Isabella, Cayden, Carlyn and Richard," said Shirley, spelling out the acronym for her family.

"And I just wanted something where I can be like, 'Look, come to my house; you can see this goat; you can watch me milk it; you can watch me put it in the pasteurizer; you can watch me bottle it. I want you to see this is where it's coming from,'" she said.

The preparations are still underway, but the idea is to be from farm to table. The goat milk products will all be done in one place.

"It's literally teat to in my cup, to in my pasteurizer, take the milk out, sit back there, make my products. I guess a lot of people don't understand that because it's different," admitted Shirley.

She will also have her two little helpers, her daughter Isabella and son Cayden, who run around the farm with precision.

"They both help out. They actually both know how to milk," said the business owner.

There's no shortage of the types of products Shirley wants to make.

"I've tried lotion and soaps. I've tried the Chapstick. I do kefir. We're going to experiment. There's something called kumis; it's a milk beer," said Shirley, who did not grow up on a goat farm but rather learned how to make all these products from Google.

"My husband works offshore and so my job, besides the kids, is the farm."

There are benefits to the milk as well.

"So, the biggest thing on goat milk is it has no lactose in it, and it is the actual closest to human's milk, so that's why our body can absorb it better than cow's milk. So, there are a lot more benefits for your skin and just overall health," she explained.

If you're wondering what it tastes like, she said, "Someone once told us it's like you took a Krispy Kreme donut, stuck it in the milk and then drank the milk. So, once you control what they eat, you can control what the milk tastes like."

Potential customers can expect all of the preparations to be done and the grand opening of ICCR Dairy Farms in March of this year. 

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