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A look at the vote on Superintendent Puyau's new contract

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After a teacher was arrested at their meeting, the Vermilion Parish School Board is looking at the issue that started it all - contract negotiations for Superintendent Jerome Puyau.

He was making $110,130. He'll now make $140,811. The board voted five to three in Puyau's favor. 

The Superintendent told us directly he would not talk about last night's arrest, but he did talk about why the raise was justified. According to Puyau the salary bump was well researched and coming for some time.

"What we did was look at how our teachers compare to other teachers across Louisiana and Acadiana and how our administrators compare across everyone," said Puyau.

Here's how those numbers break down:

  • Teacher salaries in Vermilion Parish rank 42 out of 69 school districts in the state.
  • Principal salaries ranked 25.

Meanwhile, the Superintendent was below both of those rankings at 57th in the state and one of the lowest paid in Acadiana.

In fact, Puyau says he's never had a raise since being hired five years ago, and he feels a lot of progress has been made in that time.

"When I started our district was ranked right at number 17, out of the 69. Over the course of several years, we have improved to where we now rank number six," says Puyau.

Vermilion Parish also bumped up from a 'B' to an 'A' rating, making it one of just two 'A' school districts in Acadiana. Still, not everyone voted in Puyau's favor.

"The teachers who are really responsible for test scores, performance and everything else, have not been given a raise in the last ten years, so how can the board justify giving the Superintendent a $40,000 raise," says board member Kibbie Pillette.     

Pillette is one of three board members who voted no on the new contract, with the five other board members voting in favor of the new salary.

FULL COVERAGE AT 6:00 pm is below:

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