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Internet access as we have now could be in jeopardy

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Net neutrality, or the access to the internet we have now, could be in jeopardy.

Right now there is equal access to information on websites, from your social media to your video streaming sites to your online shopping.

This is what net neutrality basically is and now that equal access is at stake.

KATC reached out to our representatives in Washington to see their stance on the issue.

"As internet usage continues to grow, it is imperative that the regulations that govern it are constantly reviewed to ensure that it is being managed in a way that promotes free-market principles and increased access," said Rep. Clay Higgins.

And Sen. Bill Cassidy said the internet "should be open to all Americans… I believe Congress and the FCC must find an appropriate balance to protect internet users and support continued innovation. Allowing the government to overreach and control the internet could potentially harm the market."

And now, the FCC will meet to have the final say on the future of net neutrality.

Without net neutrality, internet service providers will be able to filter content and charge companies, and you, for connectivity.

This will affect everyone, especially start-up companies and small businesses, who may not be able to afford extra fees.

"A guy with a surf shop down here wants to be on the internet, he opens a surf shop, he puts his information out there when people search surf shop. Net neutrality changes, little Joe here he will be on the internet but they will just leave him on the lowest possible tier. He will be found only after the people in the faster lanes, the people that paid for better distribution, the people that paid for priority," said local businessman ED Bowie, the director of Acadiana Open Channel.

The FCC board will meet on December 14th to discuss and vote on this hot button issue.

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