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Opelousas man removed from state ballot

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An Opelousas man will not be on this fall's ballot after a state judge ordered his candidacy for state Treasurer be withdrawn. 

Ronnie "Ron" Ceasar's name has been removed from the ballot, the state Secretary of State's Office has confirmed.

Ceasar's candidacy was challenged by the Louisiana Board of Ethics, court records show.

In the ethics board's petition, which was filed earlier this month, the board alleges that Ceasar still owes fines levied against him during his last state-wide campaign. 

According to the ethics board's website, Ceasar ran for governor in 2011, and was fined three times:

  • He filed one report 33 days late, and was fined $1,000. He paid $906.41 of that fine. 
  • He filed another report 13 days late, and was fined $1,000. He didn't pay any of this fine. 
  • He field a third report five days late, and was fined $500. He didn't pay any of this fine.

However, when Ceasar qualified for Treasurer earlier this month, he signed an affidavit swearing that he doesn't owe any fines, the board's petition alleges.

Attached to the petition are the documents accumulated in 2011 and 2012 related to the fines. To read them all for yourself, scroll down. 

After receiving his first bill, Ceasar wrote a letter asking that the fines be waived. He said it was his first time running for state office, and claimed the reporting requirements were different than in the past. He said he tried to file on time. He also said that a lot of people seem to be fined for filing late, so he suggested that the requirements be changed. 

The board voted against waiving his fines, the documents indicate.

The next letter Ceasar wrote was much different in tone. He hand-wrote on the bottom of the letter that notified him that his waiver was denied. 

"I am not paying a dime! This entity has no legal authority to take Black Folks monies," he wrote. "This Indictment is racial in nature, implemented by white racist Jindal Republican appointees. I plan to sue the board members, jointly and severally. So, let's get it on! Trayvon Martin can't fight, killed by a white racist. You started this war, I'll finish it."

In response to his notification that his recent candidacy was terminated, Ceasar reacted in a similar manner. In an email he sent to the board - and also to various media outlets - he called the judgment "illegal."

"I promise you that this will not go away and I WILL be a candidate in this race," Ceasar wrote. "You people have picked on the WRONG Black man.  I will do battle til death.  I hate racists, wrong doing, and oppression of God's people by the powers that be. I am a very powerful man, with many strong allies. I will will and destroy those who attack me, please believe that. Watch and pray.  I fear no man and will protect my civil rights to the fullest extent of the constitution and law.

"Finally, you failed to mention that this alleged debt has been appealed to the federal district court in Baton Rouge, LA and is active and pending and supersedes any other litigation.  All pertinent parties will be reported to the Office of Disciplinary Counsel.  Futhermore, I am being attacked based on race.  I am a Black male U.S. Navy Veteran, honorable discharged and 32nd Degree active mason.  This is not only wrong, but perhaps also illegal!"

In response, a spokeswoman for the ethics board said the hearing was conducted according to all state laws and election codes that apply, and it is a valid judgment. She said Ceasar's accusations are "unfounded."

Regarding the language of Ceasar's email, she said the board has "taken notice of what he's done," but that no formal complaint had been made to any police agency "at this time."

Ceasar also sent KATC an appeal of the judgment, which you also can read by scrolling down. 

"Defendant has this matter on appeal in the Middle District Federal Court in Baton Rouge as of this writing and plaintiffs have conveniently keep this matter from the honorable court in an attempt to injure a Black Candidate for office, for Mr. Ceasar is a Black male Veteran of the United States Navy!  Also, a 32nd Degree active mason," the appeal states. 

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