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Two different stories emerge in deputy-involved shooting

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Last week, an Evangeline Parish Sheriff's deputy shot and killed a Mamou man. 

Today, that's about all anyone can agree on. 

Dejuan Guillory's family and their lawyer claim that the shooting was improper. His mother, a former police officer named Monica Fontenot, says her son was murdered. 

State Police, who are investigating, say the deputy and Guillory's girlfriend, Dequince Brown, tell a different story.

Brown was arrested on a warrant for attempted first-degree murder of a police officer. According to the affidavit for the warrant, sworn out by the detective heading the State Police investigation, the deputy was called to the Mamou area about a stolen ATV. After he cleared that call, he saw Guillory and Brown riding an ATV on Reed Cemetery Road. It was a little after 4 a.m., the initial report shows.

To read the affidavit and the initial report for yourself, scroll down. 

The deputy asked Guillory and Brown for identification, but neither had any on them, the affidavit states. Brown allegedly told detectives that Guillory became angry and punched the deputy, causing him to "become dazed and possibly lose consciousness."  The deputy told investigators that he "saw stars." 

The deputy then pulled his gun, and told Guillory to lay down on his stomach, which he did. But when the deputy started to handcuff Guillory, he started to struggle, according to the deputy's statement as well as the statement allegedly given by Brown.

The deputy said Brown then jumped on his back, placed her arm around his neck, punched him, pulled his hair and tried to grab his gun, the affidavit states. He heard her say "We are going to kill him," the deputy said. The deputy shot Guillory and told Brown to get off him, which she did, the affidavit states.

Brown allegedly admitted that she jumped on the deputy after he drew his gun, and began go choke and bite him. The deputy then shot Guillory, Brown allegedly told detectives. 

The deputy was treated at a hospital for non-life threatening injuries and was released, the initial report states. 

Guillory's family and their attorney claim that Guillory didn't pose a threat to the officer because they say he was unarmed and lying on his stomach when he was shot. His mother says she's not happy with how the investigation has been handled so far.

"When I wore my badge, I wore my badge facing the people to serve and protect them," Monica Fontenot said. "They hide behind their badge and protect themselves. That's not what badge is made for." 

According to the affidavit, Brown confessed to attacking the deputy while he tried to handcuff her boyfriend.

Brown is being held without bond. Her hearing is set for July 17th.

"I did get information that when the first shot was fired she attempted to intervene," Pride Doran, the family's lawyer said. Doran is both Guillory and Brown's attorney. According to the family Brown was trying to prevent the deputy from shooting Guillory to protect her boyfriend. 

"She was not able to prevent him from firing those last three shots," Doran said. 

Doran says the deputy shouldn't have fired his gun, since Guillory was unarmed and on the ground.

"It's a tragedy," Fontenot said . "It's a horror. it's a disbelief. It's unimaginable ."  

This is not Guillory's first run-in with the law. In 2015, he was arrested and accused of stealing a backhoe, which he then used to rip an ATM out of a Mamou bank. The incident happened at about 4 a.m., but someone working at a local hospital emergency room saw it happened and called police. When he was approached by police, he allegedly fired shots at an officer with a high-power rifle. He was booked with Attempted Murder (for allegedly firing at the officer), Aggravated Criminal Damage to Property over $150,000.00, Criminal Damage to Property over $800.00, Criminal Damage to Property – $400.00 and Felony Theft  - $100,000.00.

In December 2016 he entered a no contest plea to a charge of simple criminal damage to property exceeding $50,000 and was sentenced to 10 years in prison, with five years suspended. He was to serve five years probation following his sentence. The remaining charges were dismissed.

It's unclear why the attempted murder charge was dropped. We do know during this time, Guillory served 2 months at the Caldwell Correctional Center
At the Evangeline Parish court house, where barricades are in place, ahead of scheduled protests, the sheriff and District Attorney have not responded to KATC's questions about why Guillory wasn't in jail, when he served, or if he served time. 

In an exclusive interview with KATC Monday, Guillory's mother, Monica Fontenot defended her son. Fontenot does acknowledge her son's criminal history, but claims it is not relevant. 

"Bringing up his past is just a way to side track to take the focus off of the situation at hand,  which is my son was murdered by a deputy," Fontenot said. 

Their attorneys dispute the account by state police, that the couple attacked the deputy.

"Aspect of this that disturbs me is the young lady, who was not armed is charged with attempted first degree murder," Attorney Pride Doran said. "Where is the person who was armed and did in fact killed someone is at home on paid administrative leave." 

Fontenot said she wants justice. 

"My family and I have forgiven the deputy that murdered our son," Fontenot said. "We don't have no room in our heart to grow hatred and justice is important to us because our son was taken. The chain of our family is broken." 

A defense attorney who says he represents Brown told our media partners at the Advocate a story that differs from the statement attributed to her in the State Police affidavit. 

Joe Long, the defense attorney, said the deputy had been "really, really angry" that Guillory and Brown didn't have their IDs. The deputy "was up in Guillory's face like someone who wanted to provoke a fight," he said, adding Guillory "pushed him back to get him out of his personal face."

"The officer shoved Guillory and the two men began fist fighting," Long said, describing Brown's version of the encounter. 

Long said it was Brown who called for help on a radio that had fallen from the deputy's uniform. He said Guillory had been pleading for his life when the deputy opened fire. "The officer just kept saying 'Quit resisting,'" Long said, adding the deputy also had threatened to shoot his client at one point. 

State Police said a "significantly damaged" handcuff was found on Guillory's right arm and had to be cut off following his autopsy. 

Authorities have not said how many times or where on his body Guillory was shot. "That info is pending and I cannot comment at this time," Dr. Thomas Fontenot, the Evangeline Parish coroner, wrote in an email. 

State Police have released some details, which are contained in the affidavit. 

A spokesman said detectives are reviewing ballistics, trajectory, toxicology, DNA analysis, autopsy report, and conducting additional interviews. 

There is an in-car camera system which State Police is analyzing, the release said. A spokesman said he could not say if there was any video of the incident.

"We ask the community for patience as this investigation continues.  No further information will be released at this time," the release states. 

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