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UPDATE: Trahan has to re-bond out of Acadia Parish jail

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Maxine Trahan Maxine Trahan

UPDATE: Maxine Trahan has bonded out of jail in Lafayette, and was transported by Acadia Parish Sheriff's deputies to re-post a bond State Police say she obtained by fraud.

In an arrest warrant filed Wednesday, State Police say their investigators determined that Trahan manipulated an older lady she takes care of to put up her property to obtain Trahan's release after she was booked in April on theft charges. The lady told investigators that Trahan brought her to the jail back in April and she was given documents to sign, but she didn't know what it was for and she didn't know what she signed. She also told investigators that she didn't know she was putting up her property for Trahan's bond.

Wednesday afternoon, Trahan was booked on new charges related to her alleged theft of more than $46,000 from the older lady and her using the lady's property for bond. She posted a $75,000 bond on those charges, and when she was released Acadia deputies were waiting for her, Sheriff K.P. Gibson said.

Gibson said that, since the original bond was now called into question, she must post a new bond in Acadia Parish. He said Trahan was transported to the jail and was posting the $50,000 bond again - this time with a bondsman. 


UPDATE: Maxine Trahan is accused of using an elderly woman's home and property as bond for release on her original criminal charges - without the older woman's knowledge or consent. 

The warrant for Trahan's arrest details the incident. 

The warrant says that Trahan had known the woman for some time, and drove her to doctor visits and other errands. The lady in question was an older lady who has had a stroke that left her paralyzed on one side and has a history of dementia. The lady's caregiver called police after hearing about Trahan's original arrest in April, concerned that Trahan might have taken advantage of the older lady.

The lady told investigators that she was driven to Crowley back in April, where they then signed some papers for Acadia Parish Sheriff's Deputies at the Acadia Parish Correctional Center in Crowley.

Investigators determined that the documents were putting up the lady's property and home for Trahan's appearance bond. The lady told investigators she did not know why she was taken to Crowley, nor what the paperwork was, and she had no idea she had signed papers posting her property to bond Trahan out of jail, the warrant states. 

The deputy who prepared the property bond told investigators that the lady was confused and didn't appear to know what she was signing. That deputy said she believed the lady would have "signed anything put in front of her," the warrant states. The deputy told investigators that she was instructed to prepare the paperwork and that she wasn't responsible for making sure anyone understands it. 

Investigators also learned that Trahan had her name placed on the lady's checking account. They also found checks written out to Trahan that totaled more than $23,000, the warrant states. They also learned that Trahan lived in one of the lady's rent houses at no charge and that she paid Trahan cash for helping her. 

Investigators found that Trahan redeemed a Certificate of Deposit in the lady's name in November 2015 for $20,000, and that only $17,000 of it was placed in the lady's bank account. 

In April, the warrant states, Trahan allegedly drove the lady to a bank where another $20,000 CD was cashed. Investigators have Trahan's signatures on the documents as well as bank surveillance footage of her making the transactions, the warrant states. On that same date, an hour after that transaction, Trahan deposited the exact same amount into the Drug Asset Forfeiture Bank Account - which Trahan was accused of stealing in her original arrest. Trahan said at the time she found the money in her office drawer. 

The lady told investigators that she knew the CDs were cashed, but didn't authorize Trahan to ever receive any money from them. She said she originally had $80,000 in CDs, and now has zero, the warrant states.

The total amount the warrant accuses Trahan of stealing from the lady is $46,662.87.


Maxine Trahan who was formerly employed by the Acadia Parish Sheriff's Office has been booked into the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center.

Trahan was booked Wednesday by the Louisiana State Police on two Felony warrants one for Exploitation of the infirm and one for Felony Theft.

Her bond has been set at $75,000.


Back in April, Trahan, who was the long-time spokeswoman for the Acadia Parish Sheriff's Office, is accused of stealing money confiscated from accused criminals. 

Beginning in 2010, a warrant for her arrest states, Trahan allegedly kept cash that was seized during investigations. She was supposed to process the cash and deposit it into a Sheriff's account, but an investigation revealed she didn't do that. 

The warrant states that, since 2010, Trahan allegedly kept more than $48,000 instead of processing it. 

"Basically over the last month, questions began to arise as to availability of those funds for disbursement and forfeiture and basically that's what prompted the investigation," District Attorney Keith Stutes, said. 

Stutes said he does not know if Trahan knew she was being investigated, but he said it became very obvious in the end. He said Trahan was fired earlier this week. 

"We envision after a thorough review of the continuing investigation, the financial documents, there will probably be some more charges forthcoming, but at this time those would be premature to talk about," Stutes said.

Stutes said the investigation is ongoing so he cannot discuss whether anyone else will be charged in the case. 

Trahan did not answer KATC's calls for comment. 


Maxine Trahan, long-time spokeswoman for the Acadia Parish Sheriff's Office, has been booked with felony theft. 

Trahan, 56, was booked at 12:04 p.m., but was no longer listed as being in the jail as of 1:00 p.m.

A release from Acadia Parish Sheriff Wayne Melancon refers to her as a "former" deputy. 

It also states that she was booked on warrants issued by the District Attorney's Office, accusing her of theft in excess of $25,000.

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