Lafayette group Seeks To Move Confederate Officer's Monument In Downtown


City Council in New Orleans voted Thursday to cut ties with its Confederate past and remove several Confederate monuments from some of its streets. 

It's a momentum that some are hoping to use in removing a long standing statue in Lafayette.

The statue at the center of Lafayette’s controversy is Confederate War General Alfred Mouton.  However, the group looking to have it removed is more concerned about his history before the Civil War even started.

The Lafayette residents hoping to remove the statue created a group called "Why Alfred?"

"Our mission is to educate people on who Alfred really was, not the image that's been painted, not the repressed history that people don't want to acknowledge.  He really did some heinous things," said "Why Alfred?" member Morgan Pierce.

Morgan Pierce says they don't question the contribution of Mouton family in Lafayette and Louisiana, but they do question Alfred Mouton. They don't think it's appropriate for his statue to be located outside the old Lafayette City Hall.

"It was pre-civil war that he lead the vigilante groups, that targeted, after the criminal element was gone, targeted the poor whites, and the free people of color.  If they were found to be harboring fugitive slaves, they would often be killed," Pierce said.

Pierce says the "Why Alfred?" group has a suggestion for a better place in Lafayette for the statue.

"Wouldn't he be better honored at his family's home turned museum, two blocks away?  Our hope is to have this all crowd-funded, and it will not be paid for a dime by taxpayers.  And we believe we have enough backers at this time to start looking at that," Pierce said.

The group "Why Alfred?" says they are in the process of speaking with Lafayette City-Parish Council members, and hope to address the council next year. 

KATC reached out to both City- Parish Councilman-elect Pat Lewis, as well as City-Parish President-Elect Joel Robideaux, but neither have a comment at this time.

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